Planting your tent at the beach

Accessoires Plage

At the pool or on the beach, we stay refined with a highly colourful collection to attract the sun and chase the clouds. Summer will be hot with our favourite accessories.

The inflatable mattress

This year the XXL buoy is once again the star of the beach. Super Instagrammable, we cannot resist the colourful Peacock.

Gifi, 30€ - on sale at € 25

The beach tent

Forget the hassle of the super heavy parasol hyper, go for light with this MiaSun tent, simple to use and with a modern design (3 different shapes). And we are even more dazzled by the collab between MiaSun and the bathing suit brand Gilis, with its famous design of Portuguese azulejos.

MiaSun, €99

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The sunscreen cream hideaway

No more beach/pool relays to make sure who is watching over the stuff. You hide everything in fake sun cream flasks and take advantage of the water and cocktails at the bar!

Tan Safe, €12.95

The pineapple gourd

We love gourds, especially in a pineapple shape: or how to make a cocktail seem to be a healthy juice and really be a decoration queen.

L’avantgardiste – Pineapple Gourd, €14.95

The 2.0 foldable deckchair

No more old fashioned colours, we now go for the tangy hues of Clic Clac de Plages, the pretty brand of ultra practical and affordable deckchairs.

Clic-Clac des Plages, €19.90 on sale at €14.90

The fouta

Lighter and more trendy than your basic towel, the fouta is the big winner on the beach and at the pool this year, when Med authenticity is set forth. Our favourite, signed La Redoute, is simple yet sophisticated, with a terry cloth side.

La Redoute, €12.99 on sale €7.79

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