An ephemeral garden-terrace at Bourse


So what’s a “beer-garden”? This garden-terrace to enjoy a chic happy hour is a new concept that is creating the buzz in Berlin, London or Capetown…

We have great news, the first Parisian beer-garden is taking over the terrace of Palais Brongniart during the weekend for an ultra-glam festival we already talked about.

Fans of sparkling sensations will be able to sip the most rock n’ roll, flowery and trendy beers from around the world in this hipster and new-age outdoors venue

Here is the “happy hour terrace” you must absolutely go check out this weekend!

Because couture beer is “the” new ultra-hype drink of inside-track Parisiennes, far from the booze drinking at football matches...

This ultra trendy and glam’ festival taking place on the place de la Bourse, will also be featuring food workshops around Pierre Augé, Adel and Noémie, the coolest « Top Chefs » of the moment, along with wild cocktails workshops.

Sign up and look for all the information on this beer-garden and ultra glam’ festival at tendancesbiere.fr

Terrace Beer Garden at The Place to Beer Friday and Saturday until 10pm

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please consume in moderation

Where to find it?

The Place To Beer

28, Place de la Bourse

75002 Paris


Bourse Bourse

Richelieu-drouot Richelieu-drouot

Grands Boulevards Grands Boulevards


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