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Anna Cave A Manger Paris

The place : The latest addition to Vertbois in the trendy 3rd arrondissement. A "new wave" bistro bar opened by two young chefs, Giuseppe Craparotta and Alessandro Allegri, who brilliantly reinterpret classic dishes from Northern to Southern Italy on the plate and in the glass. Special mention for the two-tone decor worthy of a movie set, with black and white tiles, designed by Italian star designer Paola Pavone, making you feel like you're in a retro club...

The dishes : In summary: the perfect fusion of Italian haute cuisine with a French twist. Start with the melting ANNA apples with white butter (12 €) or the original celery root and smoked eel pain perdu cooked to perfection (17 €). The à la carte dishes are outstanding, with options like rabbit tagliatelle (24 €) or octopus maccheroni (25 €). Ultimate favorite: the whahou osso buco, tender and crispy, an incredibly delicate Milanese classic (24 €). For dessert, sweet toothed diners will find happiness with the old-fashioned panna cotta - apple-pear CRUfiture or tiramisu (10 €).

To drink : Start with a good cocktail, like the iconic Negroni Sbagliatissimo (11 €) or the non-alcoholic Crodino (6 €). The extensive wine list features rare gems that only connoisseurs would recognize, such as Pietra Nera by Marco de Bartoli from Pantelleria (55 € per bottle) or an orange wine by Krasna Hora from Moravia, Czech Republic (45 € per bottle). Note: the opening of the shop next door for stocking up on European origin bottles, followed by the arrival of Enzo, still in Vertbois, a sandwich shop with street food style, offering caponata-filled bread (11 €) or panelle-filled bread (5 €). We won't say more...

Anna wine bar, 13 rue du Vertbois, Paris 3rd arrondissement. Open from Monday to Saturday, 7pm to 11pm.

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