Learn how to walk with heels on Saturday !

For klutzes who still don’t know how to walk with high heels. It’s the moment to pull out our stilts !

Because on Saturday the Talons Academy is organizing  a palace high heel event, around a tea-time at the First, le bar of the ultra chic 5 star Westin Paris-Vendôme…

Start warming up with a tea selected for us by the hotel’s tea sommelier, to make your legs feel lighter…

Then, the serious stuff starts. A small white tea and jasmine macaroon to build up some strength then, we jump in our highest heels! After having analyzed our way of walking, the super coach does a demonstrations and gives us his little tips and tricks to swirl on our stilettos while staying light on our heels, assured and.

We like : a clever and playful concept with the gals!

T time par Talons Academy

Saturday 23 March and 25 May from 4h30pm to 6pm

40 €

Information and signing up on the site of Talons Academy http://www.talonsacademy.fr/

Where to find it ?

Le First, restaurant boudoir

234, rue de Rivoli

75001 Paris

01 44 77 10 40

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