Aux Merveilleux de Fred, the paradise of meringue lovers

Merveilleux box

Watch all those coming out of the place, in rapture, proudly holding their box like a trophy. One must say that Les Merveilleux of Frédéric Vaucamps have everything it takes to make you gaga.

By showcasing this pastry, originally from the North of France, this clever northerner has put together a real empire, present from Lille to New York including London et Paris.

Focus on this meringue power ball, rolled in an amazing heavy coating of chocolate whipped cream, sprinkled with amazing couture black chocolate shavings. There are many offshoots: The Incroyable (whipped cream with speculoos, shavings of white chocolate), L’Excentrique (whipped cream with cherry), Le Sans-Culotte (caramel)… To buy in XXL version or as a solo portion (1,60€).

We like: the bling chandeliers above the oven and the Directoire painting, a cute wink to the Merveilleuses who were the fashionistas of the 18th century.


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