A Hyper-Romantic Bistro in the Latin Quarter

The Bistrot des lettre restaurant in Paris

© Bistro des Lettres (@bistrodeslettres), Jordan Sapally (@jordansapally).

What charm this Bistro des Lettres holds! In a setting inspired by the beautiful addresses of the Left Bank, this fiercely charming restaurant pays homage to the classics of French cuisine and invites you every evening, after dinner, to write a handwritten letter to immortalize your feelings of the moment. Too cute.


Tradition Through Time

Bistrot des lettres by Yinhua Qiu, founder of Larome group

A declaration of love to old literary Paris, Bistro des Lettres was conceived by Franco-Chinese Yinhua Qiu, founder of the Larome group which includes about ten restaurants in Asia. This lover of French culture tailored this address by giving prominence to traditions both in the cuisine and in the decor. These markers add an extra touch of soul to the place and the moment.

Compiling all the attributes that create a warm atmosphere, Bistro des Lettres plunges us into its softly retro world with stone walls and exposed beams, light wooden tables, vintage crockery, silver napkin rings, open kitchen, large windows, and a glass roof that lets in the light. Best seats? At one of the large tables arranged at the entrance to enjoy the view or at the adorable counter facing the kitchens to whet your appetite by following the operations closely. With a group? Aim for the elegantly furnished basement where a private table for up to 10 people reigns. And even though it's open continuously throughout the day, Bistro des Lettres is best enjoyed in the evening by candlelight and to the sound of an old-school French playlist that will surely have you humming Céline Dion or Aznavour songs!


Cute Little Dishes

Bistrot des lettres restaurant Menu

Here, tradition is jazzed up with creative flair and quality is established thanks to carefully selected products from local artisans: Marché Maubert is just across the street and ensures the extra freshness of the plates. Tasted that evening, the lovely leeks with a twist of Japanese flair: wrapped in nori seaweed and placed on a vinaigrette sabayon (€7). Original, the savory profiterole with goat cheese and crunchy vegetables (€8). As for main courses, the golden roasted spring chicken with homemade fries is a must (€19). And the vegetable lasagna refreshed with a nice green salad is creamy to perfection (€16). For dessert, no hesitation, it's chocolate fondant with custard for everyone! (€7).


The Long-Awaited Moment...

At the end of dinner, the host places a wooden box on the table, containing beautiful fountain pens and aged paper. By candlelight, we let our inspiration flow to put down on paper whatever comes to mind... Once the paper is slipped into an envelope on which we take care to write the address of our choice, we head towards the antique secretary in the entrance to place it in one of the twelve boxes representing each month of the year. In a year, the letter will be sent to you. We loooove it.

Open every day from 12 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. continuously.
© Bistro des Lettres (@bistrodeslettres).

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