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La Grande Epicerie de Paris enchants real Parisiennes with a collection in limited series of small little marvels to nibble on …Amazing treats to come pick up soonest since they are arriving directly from Brazil for two months of pleasure. An ensured glamour effect to give a chic touch to your kitchen…

For those dreaming of a mermaid body just like the girls from Ipanema, try the healthy habits of carioca creatures! Get a morning energy boost by drinking Do Bem lemonade known for its detox benefits and salty muesli with thousands Omega 3 virtues. Trying it is adopting it.

To pep up your Sunday brunches, a gold mine of chic and unusual ideas! Starting with coffee, the Brazilian signature product by excellence : a marvelous vintage named « Bourbon » by Bazzar, the most popular restaurant-fine grocery shop in Rio, to accompany with a fab Morena granola, made with Amma chocolate, nuts and bananas.

Other unrivaled musts : their amazing jams and spreads such as : the “Bananada”, cream of banana and “Chocolate” with cocoa and Brazilian cajun nuts and cocoa. Good news for foodies! Cocoa addicts will want to make a rush for AQUIM chocolates, the sustainable producer of high added value bards with an extra 55 to 85% coco.

For amateurs of delicious nectars : go for the Cachaça B, a sun filled bottle to be found nowhere else in Paris, mixing aromas of cane sugar rum, honey and a touch of green lemon…

What could be more snob than far flung bottles? Just for the fun, test the girly beer “Demoiselle” de Randy Moscher, king of authentic brewers. Another glamour drink, the local color champagne local that Brazilian it-girls sip : the “Miolo”, at soft prices and aged in the grottoes of Vale dos Vinhedos.

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