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If the cat of Karl Lagerfeld is your mascot and you like at least once a week a kitten on Insta, this ephemeral space will surely become your  place to be.

Because cats, are quite like babies: we dream of them, or we have a little one, but we don’t necessarily know how it works.

In keeping with Catmania, the first pop-up store entirely dedicated to cats has just opened its doors in the Marais.

Imagine a pop-up exhibition of 170 square meters, furiously lifestyle, starting with a little café-library signed Pain Quotidien to chat about kittens with your girls friends around a latte, a waffle or a salad… And let’s not forget the cosy armchairs to read cool, trendy, funny and unusual works featuring felines.

Ultimate cat’s meow: try their virtual reality experience. The concept: slipping on a 3D helmet to see the world as cats do.

How to take care of a kitten? How to feed it ? Why does my cat like to squat the sofa? If you have lots of questions running through your head, now is the moment to ask them. Veterinarians and animal psychologists are there every day to answer your most off-the-wall questions, without judging you, in the presence of adorable felines... The plus: a small salon where each day different breeds of rather amazing cats are presented...

We like: really top conferences with research directors from the CNRS as guests, proving that cats have nothing to do with silly girls. How did the cat conquer the world? Without forgetting the stories of great cats in history: Egyptian goddess, muses of Richelieu and Malraux

Check out the entire program of conferences on

Open Friday the 6th of October to Friday the 20th of October from noon to 8pm. Closed Monday and Tuesday. Free entrance.

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Where to find it?

Chat ! by Royal Canin

6 Rue des Archives

75004 Paris

Hotel De Ville Hotel De Ville

Chatelet Chatelet

Hotel De Ville Hotel De Ville

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