Ceramics, the new passion of it girls

Ceramic stand

Ceramics is chic. Proof : all the fashionistas and decoration buffs only swear by this new DIY trendy that is all over Instagram.

Object of all the desires?

Small pop pendants to display on your tee-shirt, but also poetic coasters and other curiosities that boost a trendy table next to a pretty country bouquet.

Phew : no need to sell your blue chip stock. The spirit ? Making your own DIY  flower power objects with highly cool potential.

Way to go, finger in the nose.

Small listing :

  • A pretty flower of your choice, like a flower from a eucalyptus tree, a pistachio or a cherry tree.
  • Self hardening clay (to be purchased at Rouge Pié, for example)
  • A pastry pin
  • Cookie cutters
  • Transparent and pop nail polish (at BHV for example)

How to do it :

Step 1. With a pastry pin, unroll the clay until you have the desired size and thickness. To be noted: the thicker it is, the longer it will need to dry.

Step 2. Use the special cutter for the shape you want. For a glass holder count 10 cm. If you prefer the jewelry option, better choose a smaller size (a testing tube will be perfect).

Step 3. Softly press the flower in the clay with the pastry pin. Carefully remove the flower to leave a nice imprint.

Step 4. Dry in the over for 3h at the lowest temperature.

Step 5. Once dry, on apply an acrylic nail polish. Play on “transparent” for puristas.  If you like pop twists go for a nail polish with peppy colors.

For more DIY creations, rendezvous on Lajoiedesfleurs.


Also discover the amazing porcelain workshop of Alix D-Reynis.

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