Chenapan: a lively table in the 9th arrondissement

Chenapan restaurant in Paris

You may have already passed by without realizing that you absolutely must stop, as the pocket-sized restaurant Chenapan discreetly blends into the ascending rue de la Tour d'Auvergne. Unfurling an exceptional single-menu selection, this distinctive address proves to be the perfect spot for an intimate dinner tête-à-tête.




These two met at the iconic restaurant Ze Kitchen Galerie under the helm of William Ledeuil. This speaks volumes about the perfection of their culinary skills. Behind Chenapan, you'll find the amiable Bruno Laporte (in the kitchen) and Florentin Fraillon (in the dining area), partners driven by a contemporary approach: responsibility, French producers, and, of course, seasonality. The concept? A unique menu (three courses for lunch at €59, five courses for dinner at €89) that will reconcile you with the idea of limited choices. Being deprived of options has never been so easy, given the tempting description of the menu.



Of course, the menu changes regularly based on the chef's inspiration and the availability of fresh ingredients. On the evening of our visit, standout dishes included the star beetroot - katsuobushi - peanut starter, Bouchot mussels - squash - satay, and Barbarie duck with Jerusalem artichoke puree and quince accents. Dessert brought joy with "Blé," an aesthetic jewel that, when tasted, evokes the flavors of our childhood cereal bowl. Mmmh!

In terms of wine selection, the duo has focused entirely on pleasure, setting no limits for themselves. In short, all good! Among the delightful discoveries by the glass: Georges Descombes' Brouilly (€11) and Arnaud Lambert's Saumur (€12).

Open from Tuesday to Saturday evening, and on Fridays and Saturdays for lunch.

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