How to travel light with Summer it-novels?

Voyager Leger

If you are a compulsive Summer reader, here is the ideal and clever way to read everything you want while traveling light, and avoiding loading down your suitcase with heavy piles of books.

The concept? Youboox, an amazing app at a very light price. For 5,99€: you will have at your fingertips the literary summer list you dreamt of with references for more than 100 000 books and limitless reading on your iPad, smartphones and other tablets, even if your have no internet access!

On the program: there is a wide array of choices. From the autofictions of Nicolas Rey to the political satire « House of Cards » by Michael Dobbs (that inspired the eponymous series) as well « Les Morues » a novel featuring thirty-year-old gals as we like them. More business woman: dive into the 24 lessons of management by Carlos Ghosn.

We also adore: the cult cartoon strips of Saralone, vintage comic books, as well as top notch handy cookbooks « plancha and barbecue » etc…

Tops: the possibility of skipping from one« readlist » to another without loosing your page, all this off-line. Hip hip hurray for 2.0 reading !

NB: think of downloading Youboox from the app and not the site, where the monthly subscription is 9,99€ instead of 5,99€ on Appstore and Androïd.

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