Vibrating panties, these discreet sex toys to be tested urgently

Culotte Vibrante

What? Are you a girl and you don't have vibrating panties? If you've never heard of it, know it, yes, you missed a train. But nothing is lost. This new ultra-practical and discreet trend is gaining more and more followers among women in a hurry but nevertheless eager to not neglect any of their pleasures, especially under the belt (us, what). Explanations.

What's this ?

The vibrating panties are the sex toy that holds without hands. Real frilly panties that wiggle, sex-toy strapped or cleverly slipped inside, there are plenty of different shapes. Butterfly clit-sucker, vibrating egg, mono or multidisciplinary dildo, all-in-one…, their common point being that they are stashed under jeans or mini, and can be controlled remotely. And since we girls know how to do several things at the same time, it's pretty smart.

For what use?

You can choose to give the remote control to your partner (to change ...), and let him play with the different levels of vibrations as a preliminary (be careful though if you are cooking pasta or cutting the bangs during this time- the).

But you can also play it solo and thus soften the borings moments of life (meetings that drag on, subway trips or disappointing Tinder dates) by activating your Game Boy yourself in face poker mode.

Where do we find it?

To all corners of the web! La Redoute sells dozens of them, from around 25 to 60 euros. We particularly like the 38-speed butterfly at 31.90 euros or the very “classic” Secret panty Love to love and its range of 8 meters (at 49 euros). You can also take a look at Cdiscount, Amazon (special mention to the YACAC and its ultra-discreet remote control ring) and others. If the “ discreet ” mail order purchase hardly suits you, a number of specialist shops in the 9th arrondissement sell them, such as the Sexodrome (23 bd de Clichy), which even sells its phosphorescent open vibrating thong (too much information?). Since you are told that they are everywhere (and maybe even under your colleague's baggy, who knows?).

And parity in all of this?

Durex worked on the subject with Fundawear (contraction of Fun and underwear). In project, connected underwear for him and her: panties, bra and boxers, which can be activated via an app and therefore at very long distance. Still experimenting, we can't wait to be able to test and surprise our darling from the end of the world with one click on our smartphone.

In the meantime, has anyone seen the TV?

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