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Sextoys 2023

Metro, work, vibrator. With the naughty Passage du Désir products now on display at the head of the gondola at Monoprix , its online sales increased by more than 300% during confinement (“ The rate of sextoy equipment equals that of capsule coffee makers ” according to its founder) and the number of new brands of sex toys taking the lion's share, it seems that masturbation is (finally) in the process of becoming fully democratized.

Today, it has almost become outdated not to embrace your desire to own a sextoy , and why deprive yourself of it? But not before having carried out a real benchmark… which we did for you. How to choose it well? A tour of the cult 2.0 toys and sexy novelties to have fun alone, as a couple, in herds, under the duvet or in the bathtub.

L'Onda by Lora di Carlo

For who ? The supporters of the “ straight to the point ”.

What's this ? We had already told you about the Filare , the toy of Lora di Carlo which imitates the cunnilungus . The Onda , his G-spot massager, is not into the blah and has even been dubbed by Cara Delevingne , co-owner of the US brand. Its goal is to get directly to where it tickles you thanks to its ultra-precise stimulation which reproduces the back and forth movements of a fairy finger. In short: the tailor-made dildo that replaces the hands.

How it works ? Its ball moves on the rod in four modes to choose from, to alternate as desired. Everything is customizable: the vibrations, the extent and the positioning of the stimulation ...

Its added bonus: its truly high-end design with a perfectly elegant and hygienic protective cover.

Massager point G Onda, Lora di Carlo , 197 €

The Coconut of Mighty

For who ? The beginners.

What's this ? An object designed to get to know each other, at any age, and to display the self-confidence and the dreamlike appearance that one finds after a good orgasm. Worn by its ambassador Elsa Wolinski , the Coco will be launched in May 2021 and then available on the e-shop of the French brand Puissants.

How it works ? Its head “ sucks ” the clitoris and the vibrating side penetrates the vagina for those who still need it to climb the curtains.

Its extra thing: for now, you can pre-order it for 89 € on Ulule while waiting for its launch. It will then be € 119 on the market. Go!

Coco de Puissant, 89 € for pre-order on ulule.com

The Womanizer Liberty

For who ? The clit-convinced.

What's this ? We no longer present the Womanizer , a small revolution acclaimed by all those who have understood that the clitoris was definitely the only organ 100% dedicated to female pleasure . His thing? Non-contact “ Pleasure Air ” technology with pressure waves that stimulates the clitoris by suction and pressure, without touching it! The latest in the range, the Liberty can be taken everywhere thanks to its light design and its ultra-quiet and always waterproof motor.

How it works ? We choose its suction intensity then we place the hollow mouth around the clitoris, without direct contact. The rest is done by itself: multiple orgasms are the key.

Its extra thing: you can also use it on the lips or the nipples, in short, wherever you want. With the added bonus of beautiful burgundy, purple, sky blue and pink colors.

Clitoral sex toy, Womanizer Liberty, € 99 on passagedudesir.fr

Romp's range of sex toys

For who ? Small budgets.

What's this ? A selection of 9 sextoys with clitoral stimulator , rabbit , vibrator , penis ring , special G-spot , clitoral massager … all included between € 24.99 and € 49.99. This is the smart segment that Romp has chosen, a new brand from Berlin that relies on the accessibility of its products dubbed by the sexperte Maïa Mazaurette in her column of Le Monde .

Its extra thing: the not cucul designs of the toys in flashy colors far from the perennial pink for the women and black for the guys. So everyone can play together!

Available on espaceplaisir.fr

Lovense vibrating egg Lush 2

For who ? The connected players.

What's this ? A new generation vibrating egg which moves away from its initial shape… of egg, not at all practical in the panties nor effective, and which is managed remotely via an application to offer control to your partner.

How it works ? Download the Lovense Remote app to your boyfriend / girl / sex party (or yours for solo pleasures). Wedge the thinnest part against your clitoris, and the other between your lips. Turn on the sex toy using the small external button. There, the person chooses for you the “ vibratory patterns ” to make you enjoy it from a distance ...

Its extra thing: its very great sound discretion, its autonomy of 3 hours in operation and the possibility of synchronizing its music to make the machine vibrate to the sound of your favorite music. It's time to create a special ass playlist ...

Lush 2 connected vibrating egg, Lovense, 119 € onpassagedudesir.fr

Hugo de Lelo

For who ? The daring adventurers.

What's this ? Giving your boyfriend the chance to explore his prostate is kind of the best gift you can give him. In fact, he's probably already thinking about it in secret. Suddenly, necessarily better than a finger in the Q and an excellent alternative for those who do not dare to venture there with their hands, the prostate stimulator is the new gadget that gay couples are snapping up ... but not only .

How it works ? After having thoroughly lubricated his anus with a suitable product, Hugo is used for targeted and simultaneous stimulation of the prostate and perineum thanks to two powerful motors at the base and at the top, which are controlled via a small remote control.

His added bonus: According to experts, it seems that regular stimulation is the best prevention of prostate cancer. To the best of my mind ...

Hugo Black, Lelo , currently at 159 € instead of 199 €

The Spicy Dèmonia evening box

For who ? The titillates of the SM fantasy .

What's this ? A small box for beginners in the art of bondage which contains a book to learn everything, a leather mouth gag , thin bracelet handcuffs , a whip and a leather-effect rabbit mask .

How it works ? We get in the mood by bringing the idea with malice, without forgetting to propose an exchange of roles as desired. Tonight, more domineering or dominated? You choose.

His extra thing? Its availability in store which will allow you to visit Dèmonia , the most cult SM lair in Paris. A real Ali Baba's cave for all the curious!

Spicy Evening Box, Dèmonia , € 99, available at the boutique at 22 avenue Jean Aicard, 75011 Paris

Goliate Paris organic lubricants

For who ? Men and women looking for the perfect lubricant.

What's this ? Goliate Paris non-gender lubricating cosmetic products for the kitty, penis and buttocks, which complete the brand's range of intimate toys. One does not go without the other ! Because founder Morgan We explained it well: “ You must ALWAYS use a lubricant with your sextoy, it is mandatory! And always water-based and silicone-free: it's better for the skin and it doesn't damage the sex toy with wear ”. Among the bestsellers: the Feminine Orgasmic Gel (€ 29.90) with essential oils of mint and lavender which generates an awesome hot-cold effect, the all-in-one Le Couple Gourmand gel (€ 29.90) with a good smell of roasted hazelnut (obviously, everything is “ lickable ”) and the even more comfortable Anal Glide Gel designed to facilitate anal penetration (€ 21.90).

How it works ? We color it a little on his hands or the desired parts of the body to prepare his mucous membranes for penetration, or simply like even more erotic foreplay .

Its added bonus : all Goliate Paris lubricants are certified organic, vegan, cruelty free and made in France in the Jura. An ultra-reassuring exception for those who prefer to pamper their privacy with products that are good for the planet.

Available on goliate.com

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