3 tips to pimp your living room into a place of meditation


Season 2 of L'Appartement #MerciLesPlantes is coming to Do It! In 2020, this event takes on a 100% digital form, but still inspiring. This week, Do It In Paris and @Maplantemonbonheur unveil a new room in this apartment with the staging of a new living room where we cultivate the art of meditation and the pleasure of poetry to refocus.

Endowed with incredible well-being virtues , houseplants create a relaxing atmosphere and promote a slower and healthier lifestyle. Their favorite spot: the living room , where they are gathered without moderation to fill up with good vibrations.

Meditate via a mobile app, disconnect with music or have a detox beauty treatment … Three ways to let go thanks to plants to create a cocoon lounge 2.0 #MerciLesPlantes.

Set up a meditation corner 2.0

We invest a little corner of the living room by spraying a few drops of its interior fragrance with the scents of magnolia like Loewe , our favorite (49.95 €), next to his favorite pilea which helps to clean the room in no time. time, its faithful yoga mat and a soft little blanket.

The ritual to adopt
: water your pilea d'amore, this “ lucky plant” , before immersing yourself in a mini- meditation session using dedicated apps, like Headspace .

The principle : 2 minutes are enough to disconnect in full consciousness, boost creativity and improve well-being. Simple and efficient. And if you have the time, you can follow up with a tailor-made yoga session via the star apps of the moment such as Down Dog or Yoga Play. Relaxation guaranteed.

Coin méditation dans son salon

Adopt rituals with poetry

The followers of slow life devote an unfailing cult to the new authors of contemporary poetry, especially if they are rhymed with a detox ritual to improve the health of your hair and say goodbye to all your bad habits (parabens, sulfates and silicones of all kinds).

The ritual to adopt
: one puts his mask on for 15 minutes while reading the new sharp writers like Haruki Murakami and his fabulous collection of short stories Desire , to disconnect from a too stressful daily life.

The principle : we fill up with Ayurvedic powders , such as fortifying brahmi and antioxidant kapoor kachli . Its mixture is prepared using a ceramic mortar and pestle and enough water is added to it to obtain a “ toothpaste ” texture. Finishing touch: a few drops of relaxing lavender essential oil and a good teaspoon of aloe vera gel for hydration. We let it sit for a few minutes, the time of a chapter, and voila.

masque Capillaire ayurvédiques

Relax to music

Take the time to savor a cutting-edge playlist or practice an instrument? So many new forms of meditation that allow you to refocus. In addition to his ultra-boosted creativity, (re) putting himself in music improves self-confidence. The right conditions: a small lounge area furnished with his favorite plants, quite zen and well insulated, like a separate room, the time for a few musical notes.

salon de musique avec pothos, cactus et yucca.

The ritual to adopt : prepare a cocoon place full of flowers between a pothos , a cactus and a yucca , like a music room, for home lessons. Unless you prefer to do it alone with an app like MyMusicTeacher , to learn the guitar on your own, at your own pace ...

The principle : music lessons 2.0. The app detects each note, corrects it and becomes a coach by offering tailor-made songs via the XXL library. And for the lazier ones, we listen to a super relaxing album by Boards of Canada, a Scottish duo, on a pretty cuddly pouf. Idleness !

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