Low prices: 10 objects for a hot decoration for less than 100 €

Deco Pas Cher

The sales are coming to an end soon but you still want to treat yourself? Composing a pretty decoration at a very low price is not implausible. The proof with our selection of 10 objects under 100 € to shop urgently.

A braided rattan wall lamp (because it is a timeless material)

They say plastic is fantastic, but what about rattan ? Elegant, deliciously vintage and ultimately quite timeless, it has it all. To give a little Mediterranean air to your interior, let yourself be seduced by this pretty and discreet AM.PM wall lamp which gives an obvious charm to a bare wall.

89 €

Purchase link: https://smyi.me/2528/-N6TP-jV68mXpOk5knor

A ceramic carafe (to change plastic bottles)

Put a carafe in the center of your table and immediately, it gives it another look. If in addition, it is ceramic , then you are sure to score points with your guests. This colourful, Monoprix x Casa Cubista carafe will bring joy to your meals which will, no doubt, be very sunny!

30 €

Purchase link: https://smyi.me/2528/-N6TP427RiFLVgqb9A3A

A metal candle holder (to illuminate your interior)
A candlestick has something magical about it. Thanks to this small object that it is advisable to have in its interior, the smallest candle becomes masterful, as if perched on a pedestal. In terms of colors, originality can obviously be in order, but if you want to play it safe, remember that black is always a safe bet, as H&M Home proves .

12,99 €

Purchase link: https://smyi.me/2528/-N6TP70RiVBizt8kw7Q7

A parasol (to protect your solar capital)

We can never say it enough, but the sun (like rosé and ice cream) is to be consumed in moderation when the Belle Saison has arrived. So, to prevent your complexion from turning crayfish red, take shelter under this Maisons du Monde parasol which will give your garden or balcony the look of a beach hut.

42,90 €

Purchase link: https://www.maisonsdumonde.com/FR/fr/p/parasol-design-hawai-beige-M21027515.htm?cq_src=google_ads&cq_cmp=12290676902&cq_con=118966877433&cq_term=&cq_med=&cq_plac=&cq_netpl=u&cq_post=& =gp&gclid=CjwKCAjwwo-WBhAMEiwAV4dybcJNAAXElOwaQoHd55pP-VIharyMvQu9Uxvj1z7mdSnrNeQARRrjRxoCI8oQAvD_BwE

A desk fan (to work cool)

Working in a heat wave without opening the windows or running the air conditioning? It is quite possible if you choose a desk / telecommuting fan . Ideally calibrated to fit on a table, Muji 's pastel model is not bulky and does not catch you cold, unlike air conditioning. What could be better ?

29,95 €

Purchase link: https://www.muji.eu/pages/online.asp?pid=9365

A shell-shaped vase (because summer is already here)

The shell trend in interior decoration persists and is a sign. Light and synonymous with holidays by the sea, seashells never cease to enchant us. To make your bouquet of flowers even more beautiful, don't hesitate to place it in a Sklum shell vase in the most refined powder pink. No need to leave, you are already on vacation.

11,95 €

Purchase link: https://www.sklum.com/fr/achat-vases-jardinieres-et-plantes/103735-vase-en-ceramic-145-cm-walop.html

A checkered tablecloth (for the many outdoor lunches)

If there is a season when it is good to have lunch outside, it is in summer. Whether you prefer meals at the table or picnics , in both cases, an accessory is essential: the checkered tablecloth . Timeless, the version of Zara Home is the ideal ally for the holidays. At table !

29,99 €

Purchase link: https://www.zarahome.com/en/dining-room/table-linen/tablecloths/tablecloth-cotton-tiles-c1089096p320242647.html?colorId=526&ct=true

An embroidered cushion (for a well-deserved nap)

Take the example of our neighbors in Spain. On hot summer days, when the outside temperature becomes suffocating, the latter caulk themselves and do not refuse a little recuperative nap . If you don't have a pillow handy, a cushion will do just fine. And because it's also a decorative accessory with significant aesthetic potential, opt for an embroidered cotton and linen model at Made . Who said that the art of cocooning was only practiced in winter?

28 €

Purchase link: https://www.made.com/fr/kornelia-embroidered-cotton-linen-cushion-35-x-50cm-burnt-orange

A natural fiber mirror (to satisfy his need for narcissism)

Mirror, my beautiful mirror… ” Admit it, you've said this sentence at least once. And not just when you were a kid. An accessory as fascinating as it is essential for our interiors, a mirror has no equal when it comes to dressing up a bare wall. And because it's summer, we choose an Ikea model whose edges are made of natural fibers for a very hippie chic effect. You don't go to Ibiza, but Ibiza comes to you.

45 €

Purchase link: https://www.ikea.com/fr/fr/p/vrigstad-miroir-jonc-80518466/

An outdoor rattan suspension (for lovely evenings on the terrace)

As we know, good tables with friends or family often end (very) late at night. So, to avoid that you find yourself plunged into the dark after a certain hour, the best thing is still to opt for an Alinea outdoor pendant light . Less ordinary than a lantern placed directly on the table, it will add extra originality to your terrace. The evening has only just begun!

59 €

Purchase link: https://www.alinea.com/fr-fr/p/positano-suspension-exterieure-sans-fil-en-rotin---naturel-h35xd33cm-27294734.html#start=35

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