Free cooking workshops: yummy !

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You dream of being capable of shining with just a few super-bluffing little dishes, like Naoëlle, the lovely winner of Top Chef…

Good news for cooking dummies and gals on a budget … La Foire de Paris is organizing furiously chic, girly and free cooking workshops.

Why are you going to  adore them?

Because even if you own just one single sad pot and a worn out pan in a mini-kitchenette, you are going to learn how to impress your boyfriend in only 8 square meters ! On the program : an Asian touch dish: tempura of gambas with tagliatelli of veggies and a lemon mousse with mascarpone as a wonderful curtain dropper.

To bluff all your twig girl friends on a diet: a few glamour and super-light it-recipes such as the gaspacho of strawberries and beets, sanguine orange sherbet with Espelette pimento.

And you can really impress your mother-in-law with foie gras floating islands.

Now just chose your workshop… No panic, there is one every two hours !

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