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Christmas flowers

You are hooked on ultra trendy Advent calendars? You are going to adore this new Xmas phenomenon, which comes straight from the Advent pre Chrirstmas tradition

Explanations: design fans and influential instagramers have not to resisted this old-school tradition and made it their new fetish for the month of December.

The principle? Twist this old-school ritual consisting in lighting up candles ever Sunday before Xmas and dressing up your house in nuances of violet and mauve by giving a resolutely touch to your Xmas decor.

Our DIY tip? Dress up your table with violet flowers on a silky tablecloth or a twisted plaid. The must? Dip a cut orchid or amaryllis in a small copper vase, furiously fashion or vintage. Go for ultra design and graphic chandeliers like at By Lassen… That’s all there is to it!

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