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Open kitchen on the dinning room

Wow. We don’t know about you, but the decoration of our apartment really deserves a little refresher, to make it look like a Pinterest mood board.

Installing a bathtub with feet in your bedroom protected by a vegetal wall. Organizing a customized dressing room. Creating an open kitchen overlooking the dining room. Making room for a stove in your kitchen. Installing a mezzanine in the kids’ room. Knocking down the wall in the entrance in order to make room for an office corner.

A slew of stylish ideas that could transform your personal mess into a super lifestyle and trendy interior canon. But you need to get cracking.

Well the good news is that Little Worker, the renovation specialists, have decided to create the apartment of your dreams with €20,000 of works organized in your home. Yes, yes...

Design the apartment of your dreams

Nothing could be more simple. You have until the 25th of November to submit your project on www.dessinemoiunappart.com.

Now you can go all out. Descriptions, mood board, sketches, annotated existing photos. The principle? Going as far as possible in the description of your dream flat and waking up the architect sleeping inside you.

Once it’s validated on the site, just post your project on the social networks and encourage your buddies to vote. The 10 coolest projects will be selected by a jury presided by Bérengère Krief, Aurélien Bros and Nicolas Bletterer, founders of Little Worker, as well as other decorating specialists.

The best project will be awarded €20,000 of renovation works offered by Little Worker.

Contest: Dessine-moi un appart (Draw me a flat), until the 25th of November on www.dessinemoiunappart.com


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