Chaï, seafood and raclette: The Xmas Food Market

Food Market Belleville Noel

Yummy, yummy, yummy. Warm cider with Xmas spices, foie gras, cotton candy, black truffle dough, smoked raclette, dim-sum with pumpkin, Xmas soup, spicy chai latte …

You said foodporn? The Belleville Food Market, the Parisian reference in terms of  street-food,  has decided to sprinkle and pimp its concept with the best Xmas products.

Reserve your Thursday evening to stroll between the stands at Couronnes and Ménilmontant and allow yourself to be mesmerized by the most bewitching scents...

At the turntables : Jean Hwang Carrant, Mr Zhao, Yemma, Cheesers, Le Gamin de Paris, New Soul Food, Il Pazzo… The nec plus ultra of restaurants and cosmopolitan food trucks will be on deck to offer you festive street eats …

Organic seafood, traditional recipes from around the world, melted cheese, warm fritters... Impossible to resist to the passionfruit-ginger juice, the Grilled Cheese, chicken with cream of foie gras/chestnut chips/ red onion pickles, cucumber, orange blossom and coriander... And let’s not forget gingerbread, the burger with aged comté cheese, a focaccia stuffed with home-made spread, sweet potato fries, sticky rice with red beans, chocolate-banana spring rolls or Xmas Couscous...

Marché du Noël du Food Market. Thursday the 14th of December from 6pm to 10:30pm at the level of boulevard de Belleville between metro stations Couronnes and Ménilmontant.

All the info on www.lefoodmarket.fr

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