Guinguette Cargo

Cargo Guinguette

The Party: This is the ultimate ephemeral bar on the quays for weekday after-work gatherings and weekends with friends. Each day brings a different ambiance: minimal on Wednesdays, electro on Thursdays, golden hour house on Fridays, disco party on Saturdays, and chill vibes on Sundays with various planned activities (vintage shops, artistic performances). It's a heavyweight lineup!

Who You'll Meet: The cool and trendy crowd aged 18 to 45.

On the Menu: As a true haven for the hipsters, local beers abound, such as the Paname's La Goulue (€8) and La Barge du Canal (€9), as well as perfectly crafted Spritz (€12) to accompany the iconic pizzas from Iovine's, the must-visit pizzeria for an authentic Napoli experience. Enjoy the classic Margherita (€12) or the Black Cheese version with black truffle cream (€18).

The Perfect Moment: As night falls, for a rocking dancefloor atmosphere.

Cargo container bar, 1 port de Bercy Aval, Paris 12th. Open Wednesday to Saturday from 6 pm to 2 am and Sunday from 2 pm to 10 pm. Online reservations available.

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