A cocktails garden like a guinguette

Saint james guinguette

The promise. Such a chic guinguette at the Saint James, a small château hotel in themiddle of Paris that plays at rustic chic and the Marne Embankments in its divine garden with a few Chinese lanterns for the “fun” touch. So just go over there with you latest flame and make enjoy yourselves!

Summer eats. Barman Judicaël Noël has imagined very Parisian cocktails such as “Bord de Seine” with Suze, Paris beer (brewed in Paris!) and wild strawberries… Ultimate treat: Le Barrell Guinguette, made with Paris served in a little barrel. Yummy. In terms of food, star chef Virginie Basselot enhances great guinguette classics with a tartine of country bread topped with foie gras, terrific muscles and friend or chicken with mashed potatoes...

Its heart asset. A place with a wowie spirit where you can come just for a drink and not necessarily stay for dinner. A good way to take advantage of this deluxe paradise.

Saint James Paris's gardens for the Guinguette

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Where to find it?

Saint James Paris

5, Place du Chancelier Adenauer

75116 Paris

01 44 05 81 81


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