Hélène, a trendy candy store in the Marais

Confiserie Chez Helene

This modern-style candy store is going to make all the sweet tooth fashionistas go wild... Hélène, the gourmet chef, has imagined the dream-like candy store with a design and girly decor, pimped by ultra-graphic wallpapers, freestones, a pop and stylish candy box filled with multi-colored sweets …

Far from dusty old-fashioned venues, here is finally a boudoir for sweet treats that twists the Proustian madeleines of our childhood along with «tasty» and trendy delights made by the best houses… From a completely addictive white chocolate praline spread as well as fab cookies, string candy, almond paste lollypops, crazy caramels.  Here is a good way giving a lot of sweet peps to our brunches and snack!

We adore: candy drinks with ultra-sexy sparkling raspberry sodas signed Luscombe or the divine bottles of organic blueberry juice signed Granny’s Secret.

British is chic: here it is possible to pick up some super London treats for an amazing tea-time at home: the Rolls-Royce of biscuits from the Shortbread-house or toffee, the fave candies of English gals.

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Where to find it?

Chez Hélène

28, rue Saint Gilles

75003 Paris

01 42 76 90 88


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