I had a farm….on place des Vosges

Une Ferme Et Des Biquettes Place Des Vosges

Mother Nature, the great outdoors, cute live goats... One really has the impression of being somewhere in the country and yet this bucolic decor is actually on the place des Vosges. It’s the ideal and off-beat weekend outing. Set up on the historical square Louis XIII, until December 13th, this small eco-friendly farm is a great way to be in the country without actually leaving Paris --just like Heidi. 

And a golden occasion to remind those who might have forgotten, that the animal world is not just limited to Parisian pigeons. You will be able to enjoy many really adorable critters such as kid goats, wooly sheep and their feathered farmyard friends, all there to greet you during the next few days  …

December 13th 2014, square Louis XIII, place des Vosges 75004

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