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Inner Circle

In What men think , Gigi believes in eternal love and goes on dates with the same hope of having found the pearl. Charlotte York from Sex and the City believes that everyone has the right to two great A's in a lifetime, and not one more. We do not know you, but the precepts on love, we are fed up with Cupid.

The simplest things being always the best, the only truth is that a love affair should be based on the obvious and the benevolence. Except that ... finding your alter ego is quite simply a feat in these confined times. This is where Inner Circle comes in.

The hunt for suckers

Fed up, fed up, fed up with seeing elevator selfies, photos of groups of friends (too bad, the handsome brunette on the left was better), fake accounts of bodybuilding models and excessively minimalist descriptions (when he there is one). The members of Inner Circle are carefully selected and verified by the teams according to the quality of their photos and the care taken in their presentation texts. In short: the sorting is done upstream to avoid hours of swiping for nothing.

Besides, dating is such a serious business that the endless “ Hi ” and “ Hey ” typing on Inner Circle are offered by the app much nicer alternatives to start the conversation. Because you're better than that, right?

Better: with a VIP account, you can even use filters to find the guy who shares your values and hobbies. Coffee addict, jogger, addict to series, vegetarian, night owl ...

Ok, but where are we going?

The feeling is really passing, but now we will have to cunning to meet between curfew and confinement. Why not offer a game of pétanque at Place Dauphine , a lunch on the grass in the rose garden of Square Saint-Gilles du Grand Veneur or a walk with ice cream in hand in a secret and charming corner of Paris? Between the Village Saint-Paul , the Mouzaïa district and the rue Crémieux , there is no shortage of romantic spots. All it takes is a little imagination ...

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