Jours à venir, the greenest concept-store in Paris

Deodorant stick, essentials oils, slow fashion lingerie, bucket bag

Let’s lay out the cards on the table : where do you stand in terms of the ecological transition?  Translation: how to consume less, but without ruining the last cartridges of the planet? Freshly installed at Abbesses,the concept-store Jours à venir, present on line for the past year, is the ideal venue for all who want to feel committed without sacrificing the pleasure of what is good, beautiful, desirable. Visit.

A 100% sustainable and trendy concept-store

Where to start? Alice and Léa, the two founders and friends, collaborate with 50 young French labels with a positive impact on the environment. Concretely? Organic products, manufactured locally, ethical, recycled, upcycled and/or zero waste covering the area of daily life such as cosmetics, clothing, accessories, candles, stationary and food.

And when it comes to going until the end of the approach, their human-sized boutique, installed facing the grocery store that has become mythical thanks to Amélie Poulain, was totally conceived in wood and natural materials by an architect friend.

Zoom on the first best sellers: the solid vegan deodorant stick Les Petits Prödiges (€12.90), the energizing mix of essential oils Boom Boom Power by Meden to be applied on wrists for a little booster (€34 ), the pink teddy in smooth velvet 100% organic cotton Suny (€120), the Nénés slow fashion lingerie made from recycled fibers, the bucket bag in vegetal leather by Atelier Gagneur (€245), the Pikoc detergent with a nice clean fragrance (€19.90), organic, vegan and no gluten Nü Morning granola (€6.95). Great ideas that will make you feel like changing your habits.

Very stylish DIY workshops

Every Tuesday evening at 7pm, the boutique welcomes a DIY workshop around the large main table. An occasion to learn how to make one’s own natural cosmetics, create a herbarium or tawashis, the famous upcycle sponges make from old hosiery! At Jours à venir, nothing is thrown out, everything is transformed—a great lesson for all of us. Programme and reservation on (€29-49 per workshop).

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