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The best korean restaurant in Paris

© Mojju (@lephotographedudimanche) - Restaurant by Oma, Château des Fleurs Hotel, Yann Deret - MariMari.  

No doubt about it, Korean cuisine is booming and easily winning the coolness medal in Paris. Korean restaurants are popping up everywhere, proving the craze for these colorful dishes with bold flavors. Let's zoom in on three K-food hotspots, offering bistro-style, street food, and fusion experiences that will transport you straight to Seoul


Mojju : The Most Left Bank

korean restaurant mojju in Paris

The vibe : We didn't expect to find Thibault Sombardier (Mensae, Sellae) in the Korean cuisine scene... and yet, here he is! After a trip where he fell in love with the flavors of the Land of Morning Calm, the idea of opening a dedicated restaurant in Paris never left him. Thus, Mojju was born, a charming spot near Rue Saint Dominique, featuring an exotic-chic decor by Dorénavant Studio, blending traditional hanok style with a Parisian bistro feel. The place is transporting, warm, modern, with a welcoming bar, printed fabric banquettes, wooden tables, high-top seating, and carefully chosen Asian art pieces.  

The menu : Sharing is in the DNA of Korean cuisine and is the guiding principle at Mojju. That evening, we delighted in a tofu marinade (€11) and raw fish with white kimchi (€16), both beautifully crafted. Next, we moved on to the Korean barbecue, the highlight of the menu, choosing the Beef Bulgogi served with a variety of condiments and sauces (wasabi pesto, miso sauce) to enhance the perfectly cooked meat (€25). On the house’s recommendation, we opted for the spring Veggie Bibimbap, presented like a small garden on a wooden tray : stunning (€22) ! For dessert, we battled with spoons over the devilish praline chocolate mousse with black sesame ice cream (€11) and the grilled buckwheat cream with soy caramel : too good (€11).  

Mojju, 4 Rue de l'Exposition, Paris 7th. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 12 pm to 2 pm and 7 pm to 10 pm. 01 45 51 88 38.  

© Mojju (@lephotographedudimanche).  


MariMari : the coolest

korean restaurant marimari in Paris

The vibe : Linda Lee, who already wowed us with her restaurant Misu, returns in street food mode with this smart canteen near Rue Sainte-Anne. Cute as can be, this energetic spot in terracotta tones is lit by lovely brass lights, with wooden tables and chairs, and offers a full view of the kitchen where the chefs prepare each dish to order. The feast can be enjoyed on site at small tables by the window—the best seats—or taken to go !  

The menu : The queen of K-food maintains her title and crown at MariMari, introducing us to a pure Korean specialty : Kimbaps. These little bites wrapped in a ribbon of dried seaweed, with a thin layer of rice and various fillings, resemble Japanese maki but are not. That day, we tried the Traditional Kimbaps with egg, carrots, radish, spinach, and Alsatian sausage (€14), and the Tuna Kimbaps with mayo, onion, pickles, egg, carrots, radish, and arugula (€14). The shrimp version clearly impressed our table neighbor (€15). We fell hard for the house Toppokis, a dish of sautéed rice cakes in a slightly spicy sauce : absolutely fantastic (€15). And fried food lovers, don’t worry—the famous Korean fried chicken is on the menu (€15). To finish, save room for the Korean egg bread, a waffle-like dough filled with anko, served with a small pot of sesame cream: finger-licking good (€6).  

MariMari, 23 Rue d'Antin, Paris 2nd. Open Monday to Saturday from 11:30 am to 8 pm. 01 45 74 68 35.  

© MariMari  


Restaurant by Oma : The Sexiest

korean restaurant  By oma in Paris

The vibe : Inside the elegant 5-star Hôtel Château des Fleurs, located on a quiet street near the Champs-Élysées, this intimate restaurant is perfect for dates. The decor, crafted by Barcelona's Quintana Partners architecture firm, features fine fabrics, wood and marble, a stunning fireplace, and soft, subdued lighting. This cozy spot has invited Korean chef Ji-Hye-Park to helm Oma, a restaurant that deliciously fuses the best of French cuisine with Seoul’s flavors.  

The menu : Absolutely delightful, the must-try beef tartare is served in a brioche bun with aioli and Parmesan (€19). For a lighter option, the refreshing sea bass ceviche is perfectly seasoned with lemon, sesame oil, pickled radishes, and buckwheat (€19). For the main course, the Oma rice with beef chuck, poached egg, seaweed, and radish combines all our favorites (€25). Be adventurous and try the Mulhué, a unique dish in Paris, featuring a mix of seasonal raw fish and vegetables generously doused in a spicy chilled broth : explosive (€31). If you fancy cheese before dessert, the menu offers 18-month-aged Comté with yuzu jam (€13). For a sweet ending to share, go all in on the Oma chocolate cake (€11).  

Restaurant by Oma, Hôtel Château des Fleurs, 19 Rue Vernet, Paris 8th. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 12 pm to 2:30 pm and 7 pm to 10:30 pm. 01 47 20 41 73. 

© Restaurant by Oma, Château des Fleurs Hotel, Yann Deret. 

Also discover Maison Kapunka : a gem of a Thai bistro, and Dragon, Cyril Lignac's Chinese restaurant.

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