The new feel-good and healthy cantina

The ph7 restaurant dining room

Fit girls are going to adore it, others also! At PH7 Equilibre, plates are as healthy as they are savory and satisfying while the decoration is tops. Bingo!

The secret? A mix of raw veggies, delicious cereals and leguminous, filled with spices for the taste and that gives you energy. Everything is veggie, organic and seasonal. The big plus? The promise to respect an acid-basic balance which the body needs. And that changes everything. Result, no bloated stomach, no nodding off after the meal, but a real energy boost.

On our plate: gratin of card, carrots, celeriac, glazed fennel, red cabbage, beet, houmous, green salad, lentils, rice… A brilliantly seasoned mix, very colorful and anti-boring, followed by an amazing light carrot cake or a yummy vegan chocolate mousse.

In terms of liquids, detox juices and a house kéfir, bubbles with a fermented base of fig and lemon for a boosting effect.

We adore: the Miam-o-Fruits, a fruity bowl (apple, pear, kiwi), energizing with anti oxidants (seeds) for an ultra-vitamin filled breakfast that is a real booster (9€).

Soon, a Sunday brunch. To be followed.

Open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 4pm. Non stop service. Small plate 12€, big plate 14€, dessert 4-5€.

Also discover M la vie, 100% veggie darling cantina.

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