Fantastic brunch at the Shangri-la

The Shangri-La Brunch Buffet with Thai beef salad, rolls of spring cake, maki, bread, croissant, papillote of cod, curry paste, coconut milk

It takes time , love and appetite for brunch there. Absolutely perfect to celebrate a nice time and enjoy a true dining experience under the special ultra- clear glass and the cozy Parisian Asian hotel. A culinary show!

We start with the buffet inputs ( Thai beef salad , spring rolls with crab maki , etc ...) and luxury delicatessen .

Remains to order two dishes at the table. First eggs as you like hull, omelette, scrambled ... Our favorite ? The Benedictine egg with black truffles !

Then landed a real main course : the Otak Otak Indonesia ( papillote cod , curry paste and coconut milk ) , soups, pasta and risotto.

Desserts galore : after making a turn towards the amazing cheese platter , it goes to the dessert counter to rival any self-respecting Foodista : cakes and biscuits, pies dance , rum baba , buttons, fluted clafoutis seasonal fruits, caramel cream in glasses , but also Parisian flan, panna cotta and fruit salad. In addition : pancakes , crepes and ice on request!

We love: the mix of table service and ultra- generous buffet . A moment of pure luxury!

The real plus ! One way to discover the restaurant menu in "mini -course " through wahoou buffets.

€ 92 brunch

We looove ... formula swim & brunch ultra luxury!

The concept: paddle in the pool palace that appears formally as the swimming pool and the most chic Parisian capital and enjoy the steam room and gym. An enchanted ultra healthy to be very hungry and enjoy the fantastic brunch .

€ 200 per person .

Every Saturday until May 31 , only on reservation 01 53 67 19 78

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Where to find it?

Le Chi au Shangri-La

10, avenue d’Iéna

75116 Paris

01 53 67 19 78

Trocadero Trocadero

Boissiã‚âre Boissiã‚âre

Trocadero Trocadero

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