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If you are hooked on great coffee, ”Latte Art” and cappuccino: here is the gourmet nugget to come discover urgently solo or with the gals

Imagine a French style coffee-shop where the best coffee blends are featured in a decor that perfectly combines the « home sweet home » atmosphere of New York salons with the vintage spirit of Paris, signed Comptoirs Richard, the coffee house with the French touch by excellence! Everything we like...

Tops: an incredible barista (the great coffee maestro) creates the sensation behind the counter serving real espresso – such as the pure original Costa Rica Tarrazu (2,40€) that would make an exacting Italian connoisseur glow with pleasure. And if you want to be a trendy foodie, test the new methods of soft filtration and cold extraction, the latest coffee « must »…

We adore: their small comfy and couture options such as the “ frappé latte”, a small addictive delight prepared under your eyes, to be customized with an amazing natural vanilla, macadamia or Amaretto syrup (4,70€). Are you more into tea? Just take your pick from their ultra-stylish selection...

So now the question is whether you prefer stopping at the counter or lounging in the sofas for a real gourmet op to enjoy trendy pastries that change every month, such as white chocolate macaroons with Nutella, the small delight of the moment. You are in speedy mode? Depart on the spot with your couture goblet to go.

Great news for DO IT YOURSELF and workshop fans: each week, the house organizes free rendezvous …

Next session? Thursday the 2nd of April for an initiation to new soft filtration methods.

All the info here:

Open non-stop Tuesday to Saturday from 9:30am to 7pm

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Where to find it?

Comptoirs Richard

71, rue Lecourbe

75015 Paris

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