The survival guide for bachelors

Good news for all those lovesick hearts who are tired of spending the evening eyeball to eyeball with their cat and their carton of  cookies and cream Haagen Dazs ice cream.

Our new best friend ?A small book that give us tips on how to find the man of our dreams. Now we can meet artists, cooks, traders, sports types or golden boys in 5 chapters only !

On the agenda ? Tips to boost our seduction capital, ideas on where to go out, meet new faces and good addresses to bring back a prince charming… In short, 100 pages to shake up our daily life and widen our circle.

We like : having dinner with perfect strangers in a private garden on a hot summer night, going to a rock concert in a salon or having a picnic in a secrete spot for bachelors.

The hot tip : try to win 10 copies of this cute little guide, bachelors will have not more excuses ! To participate, just send us a little message to the following email address

Trouver un Jules à Paris, by Géraldine Lozier

Published by Parigramme

111 pages, 6€

written by

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