An easy does it dinner!

The solution of the problems of the modern Parisienne can be found here.

You just found out your mother in law invited herselg to dinner at you home tonight? You cannot stand her snide remarks on your nasty habits of having sushis delivered at home?

Because even if you happen to be a foodie, like all , working girls, you don’t have time to go  shopping in order to fix up a home-cooked meal . No panic, les Commis will take care of everything.

From your iPad or your office, choose on line a starter, a dish and a dessert amongst the four menus offered. The complet kit comprises all the ingredient perfectly dosed, cut, washed and delivered to your door. Now all you need is to cook and there again nothing could be more simple. Thanks to the specific flash cards that go through every step, it’s impossible to miss!

We love: these menus worthy of star studded restaurants, easy to prepare at ultra light prices. For exemple ? A carpaccio of scallops with truffle shavings, followed by a breast of duck, with a sauce réduction of Reims vinegar and soja with butter, polenta fingers and to finish a Brioche French toast with salty, caramel butter, pralines.

The plus : a 10% discount, when you order for more than 8 persons, ideal to bluff your friends.

Starter+Dish or Dish+Dessert, 17 €/ person

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Where to find it?

Les Commis

51, avenue Trudaine

75009 Paris

01 48 74 83 14


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