Les Fées Melancholia : curiosities and very 50’s objects

3les Fees Melancholia Des Curiosites Et Des Objets 50 S

Jean Dujardin himself comes here as a regular! Formerly Les Fées, the boutique of Sylvie Aubry in the Marais has taken a very vintage orientation with its cabinet of curiosities by diving head first in the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Soon ours,  Formica pieces of furniture, very colorful small lamps, rocking chairs, rattan armchairs, objects in colors such as mustard and orange etc…

We also like: the vintage table settings picked up at the flea market like in the trendy restaurants, to which can be added more modern pieces.

Fans of « cabinet of curiosities » will adore the naturalized animals of the colorful butterflies under glass gloves, on a very trendy tune that obviously avoids the has-been faux-pas of the « uncool hunter’s country house ».

Crédit photo Frédéric Ducout

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