The gazelle horn in the spotlight of a very sexy tea salonin the 11th

the gazelle horns of Maison Gazelle's Moroccan pastry shop and tea salon

It’s the best-best-best of gazelle horn pastries: the silhouette of a moon croissant, a thin slightly crunchy envelope and a soft inside of almond paste in several variations, including a savoury one. The star of Oriental pastries is making a trendy coming out at Maison Gazelle, the new Moroccan pastry shop and tea salon in the 11th. Yallah !

The gazelle horn is the new macaroon

With different garnishing flavours, its small size close to the macaroon synonym of zero guilt sweet pause and its exotic touch, the gazelle horn has it all. For Sara Boukhaled, born in France from Maroccan parents, it’s the symbol of her double culture. The ambition of the young de 26-year-old entrepreneur ? “Working with the gazelle horn like nobody has done it until now—dusting it off, modernizing it”.

Portrait of Sara Boukhaled and a gazelle horn patina decoration by Maison Gazelle

A successful wager with her collection created according to tradition by a team of Moroccan women directly from the lab installed in the boutique. In addition to the traditional orange blossom, a must, she offers: rose, lemon and cardamom, roasted sesame and almond, cocoa and bergamote—even hazelnut from the Piedmont. Obsessed by sourcing, she uses only the best ingredients.

Even more daring, Sara has just launched savoury recipes such as tajine of lamb, prunes, glazed onions, cinnamon, comté cheese, or glazed beet with cumin to be dipped in a yogurt sauce  yaourt, served with a small salad for lunch. Verdict? Better than a quiche.

A new generation Moroccan tea salon

Far from the glitzy decor of traditional tea salons, Maison Gazelle hosts in a contemporary streamlined immaculate white space contemporain with design furniture and a pastry window display worthy of famous jewellers.

Other incredible treats to taste then and there: an amazing almond milk ice cream (€2.50) and the millefeuille de baghrir, the famous Berber pancakes stacked with homemade spread (€10), without forgetting the one and only mint tea (€5).

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