The most beautiful electric bikes to afford dare-dare

Velos Electriques

To rush to La Défense , cross Porte d'Orléans , follow line 4 faster than lightning, pass the metro by driving on rue de Rivoli ... With the 50 km of new lanes dedicated to two-wheelers, the electric bicycle is seen as the coolest, safest and greenest means of transport in Paris.

How to obtain aid from the town hall and the region?

Are you hesitating? Note that it is possible to combine the aid from the town hall of Paris (reimbursement of 33% of the bike up to 400 €) and the sub from the Île-de-France region of France (50% maximum of the purchase price up to € 500).

In short, you will be able to please yourself. Especially if you swap the financing of your Navigo by your employer for a credit of € 400 . This new electric bike is already showing itself as much, much cheaper than expected. You choose which one.

The most “by bicycle”

“When we left early in the morning, when we set off on the roads… by bicycle!” The old Peugeot of yesteryear certainly accompanied your first pedal strokes without small wheels, worthy of a vintage postcard ...

The French label plays the card of tenderness and loyalty by ensuring your electrical transition with a lot, a lot of style. With a style as cool and retro as Paulette, the eLegend (22kg) appears as the new essential of the Parisienne. With the inimitable quality and know-how of the house.

Peugeot eLegend , models from € 1,500

The most “new vintage”

Make something new with old. This is the brilliant concept of Vintelo , this workshop-boutique that reinvents the concept of upcycling in the world of cycling. Retype rare pieces and vintage French, Dutch or British nuggets dating from Poulidor , found over old flea markets and garage sales… The shock team will then “ electrify ” the bike ( Peugeot , Raleigh , MBK …). The key: unique pieces that combine the charm of the old and the kif of the latest technologies. Their second genius idea for stashing the drums in style? Hide it ultra discreetly in a water bottle design.

The must ? The possibility of making your old family bike electric or even creating your 100% tailor-made two-wheeler by making them the list of your desires (brand, colors, etc.)

Bikes from € 1,340 at the Vintelo boutique workshop (Tel: 07 67 17 97 82)

The most Californian

In Los Angeles, it's THE phenomenon. Hipsters and beasts of style, if they haven't already adopted it, are all eyeing the Super 73 , a revival of 70's mopeds with very low saddles, operated by the cool Californian label Lithium Cycles . Except that this green model does not pollute, in addition to having an incredible look.

Speed at 30km / hour, autonomy of 40 km, this brilliant toy appears as the ideal and hyper stable urban ally of street Parisiennes. In pink and white: our new passion!

Super 73 ZG Rose from € 1,590

The lowest price

At Go Sport , this pretty sober and black model is displayed as the cheapest at the moment on the electric bike market. A real godsend for those who have a small budget, hesitate to take the plunge or fear being stolen a two-wheeler “ too beautiful ”, it appears as the classic and stylish alternative.

It peaks at 25 km / hour, recharges in 4 hours and goes straight to the goal. Suffice to say: the new little basic ideal for going to work and “ starting ” your initiation the first years before moving to a more advanced machine.

Moovway solar electric bike : € 599 instead of € 999

The sharpest

Don't say bike anymore, but smart bike . Impossible to resist this UFO signed Ora Ito for Angell Bike , the new baby of the media super-entrepreneur Marc Simoncini , (founder of Meetic ) and manufactured by the Seb Group. It must be said that this high-tech jewel has everything to please: compact, removable, it weighs only 2 kilos, has a range of 70km, has an automatic locking system, spins at 25km / h in a flash and is recharge in 2 hours on a simple plug.

Another major advantage: its touch screen and its security system via geolocation that warns you in the event of theft and allows you to track your toy. For stylish mothers: the possibility of installing a baby seat . Possibility of testing with brand ambassadors. Note for geeks on a small budget: the possibility of pre-ordering with a budget of € 269 then paying by monthly installment of € 74.90 per month.

Angell Bike silver or black, € 2,690

The most French

They are to the bike what Le Slip Français is to the bite-mold 2.0 : a cocorico enchantment. More fashionable than ever, the young Vélo Mad brand offers bicycles obviously designed and assembled in France with a contemporary design but a slight retro touch, a good dose of humor… and above all “ without intermediary ”.

This gives prices that more than seriously compete with “ distant ” origins, without eyeing style or quality. The other added value for draws in mechanics? The network of concierge-style repairers to come and repair and tweak your machine at the slightest problem. Our favorite? The urban white model ...

Le Vélo Mad - Bike from 1,690 € payable in 4 installments.

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