Natalio, a super in-house chef

Natalio Simionato

You just decided to invite a few friends over or your mother-in-law for dinner at home. But let’s be honest, you are not exactly a cordon bleu whiz in the kitchen. No panic!

Rather than make a beeline for the frozen foods department or spend a wad on XXL pizza / sushi, why not impress your last minute guests with an A to Z meal concocted by Natalio Simionato.

Slip your stilettos under the table, and this friendly in-house chef of Italian/Argentinian origins takes care of absolutely everything: from the table setting to service.

How does it work? Book Natalio at the latest five days before the deadline and chose the menu according to your whims: Mediterranean menu for an ultra savory meal, fitness menu for a twig dinner, cocktail and nibbles starting for 6 persons or the brunch formula. You pay 50% when you order, the rest on D day.

After the evening is over, he departs discretely with all his equipment…leaving you a pristine kitchen.

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