The new trendy codes of Xmas decorating

Noel Sapin Dec 17

Yes to the Christmas spirit… But without falling into bad clichés. The 7 stylish golden rules for a furiously compatible Instagram Xmas setting.

Order your delivery of a baby Xmas tree

An S size Xmas tree is the new hot trend, spread the word ! Ideal for a Christmas touch in your living room without being too corny. You are afraid of the small size? Place it on a copper coloured stool just like they do at Made In Design.

The ideal: order and have yourself delivered the baby Xmas tree of Bergamote (€35.90) or My Little Sapin (€31.50), all Made In France, if you please. A particularly clever option for Parisiennes who only move about in high heels and live on 5th floor without an elevators—or super lazy types...

All the info on et

When less is more

maison nordique

We said it: forget flashy Xmas ornaments… This year, the elegance of simplicity is the name of the game. Your Xmas tree is in the image of the Parisienne’s style: effortless.

Option 1: let yourself be inspired by Danish Xmas trees that use tree candlesticks such as those of Ferm Living. furiously stylish and unique(€35) to be adopted eyes closed.

We are all for the chic and inexpensive method.

park hyatt noel

Nothing could be more simple ! Just copy Parisian palaces such as the Prince de Galles or the Park Hyatt Paris, that decorate their gardens and Xmas trees with garlands of ultra fine lights, and nothing else. Perfect refinement from 2 to 5 € as on

The Scandinavian hygge inspiration


Nordic minimalism allows you to be right on track in terms of your decoration while keeping a comforting side in the spirit of Xmas. Everything we like, just like at BHV Marais that has imagined one with accessories to pick up in the department stores.

Concretely, slip a fluffy shearling carpet under your Xmas tree, or set up a few fleecy poufs or a pretty plaid in a wood basket...

Sign up for a Xmas Master class

atelier fleurs

We have good news for DIY buffs and all the perfectionists of vegetal design. This year, all the trendy new florists are organizing workshops to learn how to put together bouquets and crowns, furiously in keeping with the styles of the moment.

Practically : go try the Chic de Noël workshop (and master classes signed Peonies, the café-florist we adore, to create Xmas bouquets and crowns every weekend of December. Info on

Indugle in your Xmas wreath

couronne noel

Look for #christmascrown #couronnedenoel on Instagram, you will discover the new inspiration of Noël 2017.

If you went wild for poetic flower compositions this summer, you will adore this new obsession for the wreaths of the advent. Conceived differently by new artisans who refined this accessory, here is the new decorating curiosity to purchase, like at the Chic des plantes pop-up store ! and its workshop with Racine, of the pine tree boutique Les Mauvaises Graines.

For DIY fans: we draw our inspiration from the tutorial signed Blooms, that shows you how to do it with an old hanger from your closet. Very amusing.

Create a winter bouquet

bouquet noel

For a long time associated to Spring, flower power is undergoing a new passion for Winter with unexpected colours and flowers such as holly, white roses, amaranth

Drop by the new flower bar that is making Parisiennes vibrate to put together the red and white bouquet of your dreams, in your taste, or offer yourself the amazing bouquets of the most trendy florists of the moment such as Peonies, Atelier Carmin, Debeaulieu.

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