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To food lovers out there who think they've seen it all—Nhome is the hottest fine-dining experience in town, a stone's throw from the gardens of the Palais-Royal. Spoiler alert: a surprise menu, a vaulted cellar and great service. On your marks!


A Cool Chef’s Lifelong Dream 

Chef Matan Zaken worked with Grégory Marchand, Christian Le Squer and Sven Chartier (to name a few...) before opening his own kitchen for Paris's glitziest fashion events (Givenchy, Dior, Alaïa). His dream was to build a gastronomic restaurant where the cooks would take center stage and present blind menus that would vary with market arrivals. Nhome delivers. Get ready to enter a small underground restaurant, where the inner workings are visible from outside the building...
Is it a cave in the basement? Well, we do feel very, very good once seated in this immense stone vaulted cellar. A large table in the middle, shaped specially so that the 18 guests can drool over the meals served earlier. This way guests naturally want to converse, share thoughts and predictions: what is this mysterious secret ingredient that makes the chocolate crunch in the final meal? We ain't telling you.


Unique Eight-Course Dinner

One after the other waiters bring out their plates (watch out for these stunning ceramics): smoked eel, foie gras, onion broth and Tokyo turnip, Kombu seaweed asparagus and wild garlic, blue lobster and artichoke, pistachio and citron... Hard to say which dish you like best, they're all exquisite.
No skipping dessert: dip a spoon into a bowl of delectable puffed and roasted cereals  ("We simply cannot get this one off the menu", jokes Pastry Chef Clémence Lafleur). A first star next year? Place your bets.

nhome, Open Tuesday to Friday evenings. Single menu 105 €, food and wine pairing 65 €. 

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