Uma Nota's tasty ceviche

Ceviche Uma Nota

Do you fall for the ceviches that are all the rage at Uma Nota ? That's good, we have the recipe to reproduce it perfectly at home.


Fish Cutting:

Start by lifting the sea bass fillets , carefully check that not a single stopper remains. Little tip: use tweezers.

Remove the skin, it will be much more pleasant during the tasting.

You can ask your fishmonger to do these steps for you.

Then cut your sea bass fillets in the form of carpaccio , 7 to 10 grams per slice. Slices about 2 mm thick so that you have a bit of lamb's lettuce.

Making the sauce:

First mix the salt and orange juice . It is important that the salt is completely dissolved before proceeding to the next step.

Add the chili sauce and the leche de tigre ( squeezed lemon ).

After obtaining a homogeneous sauce, take a whisk and gradually add the coconut milk . Mix, and once the desired texture is obtained, relax the mixture with tomato water .

Condiments :

Finely chop red onion, red pepper, coriander and mint.

A little extra, once the onions are sliced , put them in very cold water . They will lose their strong taste, because in our recipe what we are looking for is the crunchiness of the onion .


For an elegant result, we recommend using a rectangular or long plate. Place the sea bass slices along the length of the plate.

Cover the fish with the sauce, add the garnish starting with the onions , peppers , herbs and finish with the Maldon salt .

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