Relais Boccador, the incognito hangout of the Parisian Gotha


To come across the Parisian intelligentsia, movie stars, food critics and news types as well as other incognito VIP, Relais Boccador is where it’s happening. And it just happens to be that this mundane lair was the favorite table of a certain Madame Claude in the 70s…

This other real institution of the Golden Triangle with a nice smell of Italy was taken over by a real gentleman, Hervé de Seynes. A perfect chef and host, who knows how to give soul to a house and would manage to get a smile out of a certified accountant, cleverly juggling with an impeccable service + the feeling of being « just like at home, but better! »

We like: a people and anti-bling address, impossible to detect from the street with its very cozy decor all in velvet and wall paneling. The atmosphere is a tad kitschy but wildly happy!

So what’s in the plates? Authentic basics from the Boot, high-end but without frills.

A carpaccio just like in Venice (21€), a dreamy vitello tonnato (21€), Roman style artichokes (17€) a good real burrata (17€), squid sautéed with garlic and parsley (34€).

Absolutely addictive for fans of Italy: de « Mario’s » small cream hamburgers (26€), a pasta carbonara worthy of Piazza Navona in Rome (21€) or the real Milanese veal cutlet (26€)

The must ? An unbeatable lunch formula at 28€ started + dish + dessert with 3 choices each time.

Devilish desserts: Borgia Pear or tiramisu with fresh fruit (12€).

Open every day except on Saturday at lunch and Sunday at lunch.


Picture credit : Facebook Relais Boccador

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