Saucette, the high end sausage

Saucette Restaurant

The object of desire: yummy French sausage, sourced (andouillettes from Lyon, blood sausage from Mortagne in the Perche, sausage of Strasbourg…) made noble with fab sides (crunchy fries, mashed potatoes and leeks). Or when the sausage becomes “the” new snobbism.

Its erotic potential: forget rubbery Knackis and run of the mill chipolatas. This nice restaurant in Beaubourg runs the gamut in terms of hot dogs, sausage-pancakes, blood sausage with apples. Not too greasy but very comforting, it comes with amazing house sides: coleslaw and even saeurkraut. To wash down with a nice beer (€3.50).

The most sexy: the famous Socis Redding with marinated beef and sesame seeds, arugula salad, red pickled onions rouges and marinated black radishes, chimichurri sauce (€8.5. A killer. Option B : the stunning veggie sausage with green beans, white beans and cheese.


Open Tuesday to Saturday noon – 10:30pm.

Muffin corner, even better than an English

The object of desire: an English muffin, reinterpreted as a sandwich—forget the traditional combo egg/bacon/cheddar and check out new recipes in this small hole in the wall near Madeleine.

Its ertoic potential: Two soft buns (plain, cereal, cheese or onion) kneaded by baker MOF Joël Defives, topped with cream cheese and your fave ingredients.. So, veggie, meat of fish?

The most sexy: the Mexican, muy caliente with a mix of cream cheese, avocado, peppers, marinated tomatoes, emmenthal, green salad salsa  sauce (€6.90). Cool also, the chicken kebab with cream cheese, roast chicken filet, cheddar, marinated tomatoes, green salad and white sauce blanche (€7.30). The ideal partners ? Irresistible potatoes with melted cheese (€3,50) or a small green salad so as not to feel guilty (€2.50).

Open Monday to Friday from 11:30am to 4:30pm.

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