The buzzing decoration fad in New York !

Deco She Shed

SHE SHED: remember the name! It’s the new lifestyle trend that is creating the buzz amongst hipster New-York gals.

The concept? Import the “spirit” of SHE SHED, these famous small vintage gardening sheds (Bree Van de Kamp had hears, of course) at the heart of city flats, to create you own bubble, a feminine and feel-good boudoir with a very inspiring and comforting decoration.

Just imagine the mood-board: a wall of bricks covered with tropical pants, a bouquet of pink chrysanthemums placed on a stylish wooden stool, a record player for vinyls, a table desk pimped with pretty cakes and fern bouquets.

How to do it at home? Put together an accumulation of stools in every size, odd ladders and a few vintage objects (a copper watering can, an old fashioned radio) on which you will place a potted pineapple, coloured seasonal flowers such as dahlias or a mauve hydrangea. In short, a small condensed poetry in your living room.

Discover all about the SHE-SHED and its tips here

Feel like going a little further? Build the bookcase of your dreams, 100% customized in a “MADE IN BROOKLYN” style  with perforated red bricks and pine boards to pile up like a game of Lego. Then go for the mix and match touch and dress up each shelf and cubicle with a bouquet of anemones from Japan, or a series of vials and small bottles filled with ferns and pastel pansies.

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