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Whether you're a freelancer, independent author, or an employee with the option to work remotely, telecommuting has now become THE new Parisian lifestyle. To avoid the temptations of an impromptu home office (hello unexpected nap), the key is to find that perfect, relaxed, and inspiring spot where you can plug in your laptop, network, and brainstorm in between sipping matcha lattes. Here are our 7 favorite coffee shops for working all day.



nuage café

The Neighborhood:: Latin Quarter.

Why we love working here: Because it's designed for it! Small intimate rooms, top-notch Wi-Fi, and above all, a beautiful 19th-century building just steps away from the Pantheon in a former Dominican monastery. The peaceful atmosphere at Nuage Café is conducive to concentration and inspiration. You can tell from some of the neighbors that they're artists, while others simply enjoy a chill break in slippers in the lovely alcove. In short, it feels good.

What we like to order: Here, it's just like home. The deal? For €6 per hour or €29 per day, everything in the kitchen is at your disposal, where you can help yourself to fantastic coffees by La Main Noire, homemade cakes, granola, sticky chai, blue latte, fruits, and savory snacks...

The extra touch: The ultra-studious library area for those who prefer to work in silence.

Nuage Café, 14 Rue des Carmes, Paris 5th. 01 83 75 95 40. Open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm.



the place to

Coffee shop The place to à Paris

The Neighborhood: Gare de l'Est.

Why we love working here: With its terrace, open patio facing Gare de l'Est but designed like a cozy cocoon, its plants, comfortable benches, outlets conveniently located under the tables, and its leather and wood decor, the brand new location of The Place To (which was already a hit on Wagram) checks all the boxes for being cool.

What we like to order: A iced Viennese coffee (€5.90), a chai latte (€6), a mocha (€6), a supercharged green smoothie (€7.90), a rhubarb and lime crumble (€9), or a crispy chicken burger (€18).

The extra touch: Unwind with tapas and great cocktails during happy hour.

The Place To, 129/131 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, Paris 10th, and 47 Avenue de Wagram, Paris 17th. 01 45 74 79 28. Open on Mondays from 8 am to midnight, from Tuesday to Friday from 8 am to 1 am, Saturdays from 9 am, and Sundays from 9 am to 11 pm.



the shack

Le coffee shop Le Shack à Paris

The Neighborhood: Opéra.

Why we love working here: Nestled right across from the Auber station (convenient for those who live along the RER A line), Le Shack has taken over the former Calmann-Lévy editions' print shop in an incredible private mansion hidden at the end of a quiet alley. The mansion's iron structure is signed by none other than Gustave Eiffel himself. More than just a coworking space, it's a whole way of life offered on a subscription basis, complete with lounges, a bar, and a restaurant, all in a studious atmosphere right in the middle of a library reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast.

What we like to order: Homemade iced tea (€6), freshly squeezed orange juice (€6.50), cappuccino (€4.90), praline marble cake (€5.50).

The extra touch: The wellness area that offers aerial yoga classes, floating meditation, cardio sessions, as well as a podcast studio, meeting rooms, a cocktail bar, concerts, and inspiring talks.

Le Shack, 4 Impasse Sandrie, Paris 9th. 01 83 75 95 40. Open from Monday to Friday from 8 am to midnight. Subscription at €190 (excluding VAT) per month.



le floor

Le Floor à Paris

The Neighborhood: Sentier.

Why we love working here: Whether you're a member of the luxury coworking space The Bureau or not, you'll feel right at home in its coffee shop version, which is open to everyone. It's a true cocoon of warmth with an all-beige interior, beautiful graphic lines, and vintage furniture handpicked by The Socialite Family.

What we like to order: From morning to night, you can enjoy hot drinks (flat white €5.90, matcha latte €5.40), toast (€3.50), brioche (€3), salads (€11.50), or a truffle ham croque-monsieur (€7.50).

The extra touch: Homemade dishes made to order, perfect for a lunch meeting. The menu changes every week, featuring delicious salads, salmon gravlax, and a Saturday brunch (€29).

Le Floor, 42 Rue Notre-Dame des Victoires, Paris 2nd. Open daily from 8 am to 11 pm, until 6 pm on Saturdays, and until 9 pm on Mondays.




The Neighborhood: Notre-Dame de Paris.

Why we love working here: Because boosting your morale and stimulating your brain also involves the pleasure of indulging in a gourmet treat between work sessions. We already knew Kozy near Opéra and the Eiffel Tower. The new addition, nestled just a stone's throw from the Île de la Cité on the left bank, charms us with its Klein blue decor, giving us the feeling of working in a cozy café in Santorini. It's best to visit during off-peak hours to enjoy the tranquility and start up your computer without feeling like you're bothering anyone.

What we like to order: The winning brunch combo, including an avocado toast (€13), bacon and poached egg pancakes (€11), banana cake (€5), vanilla iced latte (€5), or an adorable hot chocolate with foam shaped like a cute bear (€4.50).

The extra touch: You can also have these delicious treats delivered via UberEats anywhere around the 7th and 9th arrondissements to recreate a coffee shop atmosphere at home or at your workplace for the day.

Kozy, 6 Rue du Petit Pont, Paris 5th. Open from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, and on weekends from 9 am to 5 pm.



oni coffee shop

Le coffee shop Oni à Paris

The Neighborhood: République.

Why we love working here: In a cozy space with a sunny terrace and a stylish bric-a-brac decor, ONI provides a conducive environment for concentration with soft music, tables that even allow for small group meetings (6-7 people), plenty of outlets, and optimal internet connectivity.

What we like to order: The ultimate in homemade coffee shop offerings, including brunch-style dishes (focaccia toast, pulled pork bun, veggie moussaka, €11), an iced latte (€5), delicious pancakes (€7), and matcha cheesecake (€7).

The extra touch: The elevated terrace above the boulevard, where it's great to work in the sun.

ONI Coffee Shop, 10 Boulevard Saint-Martin, Paris 10th. 01 42 80 23 10. Open from Tuesday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm, and from 10 am on Saturdays and Sundays.



25 hours terminus nord

Le coffee shop 25 hours à Paris

The Neighborhood: Gare du Nord.

Why we love working here: The ultra-urban chain 25 Hours systematically sets up its hotels in bustling neighborhoods. In Paris, 25hours has settled at Terminus Nord, right across from the train station. On the first floor, there is now a space designed for free and quiet work, with a joyfully colorful decor.

What we like to order: The Coworking menu (€9) with a juice, a pastry, a fruit, and a hot drink, or a gourmet bowl with Greek yogurt, seasonal fruits, and maple syrup.

The extra touch: Meeting rooms available for private conference calls, which can be reserved in advance to avoid last-minute surprises.

25hours Hotel, 12 Boulevard de Denain, Paris 10th. 01 42 80 82 05. Open daily from 7 am to 10 pm.

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