The arty-fairytale FIAC stroll in the Jardin des Plantes

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While art collectors are walking up and down the busy alleyways of the Grand Palais for the yearly FIAC, the Jardin des Plantes offers a fantastic outdoor presentation.

Rendezvous in this fairytale garden for a bucolic and arty outing, punctuated by a score of works in keeping with naturalistic sciences.

A healthy venue for the body and the spirit around the installations of international artists such as the surprising duels of Dutch sculptor Folkert de Jong, the zany videos of Madrilène Pilar Albarracin and the dream-like creatures of Julien Salaud.

The plus: the circuit continues in the Grande Galerie de l’Evolution and in the Ménagerie.

FIAC Hors les murs, from 17 October to 24 November 2014

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Where to find it?

Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle

57, rue Cuvier

75005 Paris

Jussieu Jussieu

Place Monge (jardin Des Plantes) Place Monge (jardin Des Plantes)

Jussieu Jussieu

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