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It’s in their Brussels workshop-boutique that the most well-known handmade stationary brand of the moment prints the craft production of all its writing paper, calling cards, note pads… Cool, this über cool paper label is presented at Bon Marché until February 28th.

Its charm asset? Their super traditional manufacturing is based on a printing technique with mobile characters in lead and wood. Result, the pre-soaked letters convey texture and can even be read by just touching. Old school is the new chic !

We are totally wild about their writing paper with motifs (ladybug, bee, insect) to slip in assorted envelopes. Stationary in the lines of a cabinet of curiosities.

Cool and practical, the shopping blocks and the ‘to do’ list with flashy colors as well as totally offbeat message cards (You rock, Merde, Fuck, O.M.G). Craftsmanship that is not at all dusty!

A few sets can be shopped on line (starting at 25€), for the rest, make a beeline for Bon Marché until February 28th.

Pop-up le typographe until February 28th 2015 at La Librairie of Bon Marché, 2nd floor.

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Where to find it?

Le Bon Marché

24, rue Sèvres

75007 Paris

01 44 39 80 00

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Vaneau Vaneau

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