Where to Party in Paris During the Week?

The party restaurants in Paris

Saturday Night Fever, has the concept been redefined? We asked night owls about the new codes of Parisian nightlife, and the verdict is clear: with age (where did the inexhaustible energy of our twenties go?), they prefer to enjoy the energy of their well-paced weeks, combining work and appointments with feel-good evenings in cool places in the capital. And on weekends, it's a wrap: please do not disturb. Nice touch: we've found (for them and for us, of course) non-tedious parties to fill every day of the week, from jazz bars to comedy club apéros, trendy bashes in a palace, or hilarious drag bingo. Now, all that's left is to stash away makeup and fancy shoes in the secret drawer of your desk!


The Ultimate Karaoke

Karaoke nights at Hôtel des Grands Voyageurs

Party plan: Karaoke nights at Hôtel des Grands Voyageurs, every Thursday from 9 PM to midnight.

Vibe: Dimly lit atmosphere, intimate setting, candlelight... This is far from the cheesy karaoke of our college days! Just a stone's throw from the Luxembourg Gardens, you're immediately transported to another era in this charming hotel, whose restaurant feels like stepping onto a ship or train. Around the piano, let yourself be carried away by the music and dare to join in on chic and festive tunes from Abba, The Beatles, or French classics like those of Aznavour. Just whisper your song to the pianist, and the stage is yours!

On the menu: Discover a menu inspired by a journey between Paris and New York: oysters (€17), smash burger (€25), veal blanquette with baby vegetables (€27), grilled cheese to dip in tomato soup (€14), lobster roll with yuzu mayo (€25), accompanied by a great selection of wines (French or American!) and expertly crafted cocktails (Long Island Ice Tea €16)... Indulge in dessert with cheesecake topped with salted caramel sauce (€12) or citrus pavlova (€12).

Karaoke nights at Hôtel des Grands Voyageurs, 92 rue de Vaugirard, Paris 6th. Every Thursday from 9 PM to midnight.


The Jazziest/Bluesiest

Swinging Mondays at Le Bar des Maillets d’Argent

Party plan: Swinging Mondays at Le Bar des Maillets d’Argent, every first Monday of the month from 6 PM to 10 PM.

Vibe: At ground zero of Tour d’Argent, the chicest bar on the Left Bank hosts musical evenings perfect for shaking off those Monday blues with some seriously swinging tunes! It's hard to find a cozier setting for feeling like you're at a private showcase, a prime spot for a second date. Next date: May 6th with singer Oliver Griffith. When will this format be available every Monday night?

On the menu: Order whatever catches your fancy from the bar menu, and we can assure you, everything is divine. Starting with duck sausage and pickles (€12), mushroom bruschetta with parsley butter (€14), and Parisian soufflé omelette with ham and cheese (€14), to be washed down with deliciously old-school house cocktails like Belle Époque (pear brandy Sabs, St Germain, Campari) or Mistinguette (calvados, quince jam and hibiscus, Dubonnet, yellow lemon juice and Laphroaig whiskey, €26). Get into the groove while tapping your feet on the ground, then dive into ravaging dulce de leche choux (€8) to end the evening on a high note.

Swinging Mondays at Le Bar des Maillets d’Argent, 15 quai de la Tournelle, Paris 5th.


The Funniest

Dame’s Comedy club at Hôtel Dame des Arts

Party plan: Dame’s Comedy Club every other Tuesday evening at Hôtel Dame des Arts.

Vibe: Dame’s Comedy Club at Hôtel Dame des Arts is the newest spot for stand-up comedy in Paris. This place, formerly a theater school, offers a brand new stage for the most promising French comedians of the moment. Every evening, about ten of them perform sketches for 1.5 hours in the intimate lounge of the hotel nestled under the lobby. Big sofas, dim lighting, small audience: the ideal conditions to enjoy the lineup. Get ready with tissues to wipe away your tears... from laughter.

On the menu: The bar and restaurant of Hôtel Dame des Arts offer a journey to Mexico. Between laughs, sip on one of their wonderful cocktails. Best deal #1: a drink is included with the ticket. Try Leche de Tigre, their specialty with Mezcal infused with coconut oil, rum, and chili caviar (€19) or Unos Mas, a mix of tequila, lime, and agave (€18). Want to extend the evening with best deal #2? You can enjoy a 20% discount at the hotel restaurant after the comedy club. Red tuna or gilt-head bream tostada (€12), veggie mole (€24), and chicken tacos (€24) are on the menu. Vamos!

Dame’s Comedy club at Hôtel Dame des Arts, 4 rue Danton, Paris 6th. Every other Tuesday evening starting from 7 PM. Show starts at 8 PM. €15, information and reservations online.

© Ludovic Balay


The Most Palace-worthy

Bristol After Dark

Party plan: Bristol After Dark, every week from Tuesday to Saturday at the Bristol Paris.

Vibe: Don't say Bristol After Dark, say B.A.D.! In short, dress sharp and glamorous: the palace hosts the most sought-after parties in the upscale neighborhoods, inevitably attracting successful thirty-somethings who come to dance to electro house playlists under disco balls and in an indigo atmosphere that will shine on your Insta stories. Each evening has its own vibe! Our favorites? Those of Le Monde Nouveau, where creatives (new faces, stylish influencers, art directors...) dance and network to the beats of DJ Lumijay in an atmosphere as cutting-edge as it is uninhibited. And because we're nice, we'll tell you how to get in: contact @hugovlt on Instagram and ask to be on his guest list...

On the menu: Behind the bar, you'll find exquisite 5-star cocktails (€32, it's a palace after all) including Mangroni (Di Poli grappa / St Germain / Mango-infused Suze / Bitter orange), Talismin (vodka / Italicus / lime / jasmine syrup / fresh mint / ginger ale) or Marga & Co (Volcan Anejo Cristalino tequila / lime / coriander syrup / saline emulsion).

Bristol After Dark, from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 PM to 2 AM at the Bar of the Bristol Paris, 112 rue du Faubourg St Honoré, Paris 8th.


The Most Drag Queens

 Cali Sisters Uptown

Party plan: Drag Game Nights on Thursday evenings at Cali Sisters Uptown.

Vibe: Quiz, blind tests, or bingo, from 9 PM Drag Queens Blanche Poubelle and Jenny from the Bloc raise the temperature and the guests on the couches! Tables come closer, and teams form in a joyful chaos. On blind test Thursdays, everyone quickly leaves their seats to sing and dance with the drags. The restaurant turns into a big dance floor with DJs' sets setting the floor on fire! With a sexy line-up including Joe Lewandoski, Jean Biche, Adrien Albou, or Valentine Groove to look out for online.

On the menu: The best of American cuisine, comfort food style, with plates that are perfect for sharing: guacamole & tortillas (€10), mini grilled-cheese x 3 (€14), the famous classic Mac and cheese (€17) or truffle version (€25), or the smash burger (€21). And for dessert, no hesitation, go for the insane Pizzookie, an XL cookie baked in a pot with fleur de sel and topped with hemp and smoked vanilla ice cream from Glazed (€11). For drinks, delicious cocktails with a menu that knows its classics: Negroni, Margarita, Vodka Martini (between €12 and €15).

Every Thursday evening from 9 PM to 2 AM, Cali Sisters Uptown, 68 rue d’Hauteville, Paris 10th.


The All Night Long

Giulia Paris

Party plan: The club open every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7 PM until 5 AM.

Vibe: A restaurant that knows how to party, where bucolic wallpaper and velvety banquettes see cocktails and beautiful plates pass by, all set to live performances and DJ sets that intensify as the evening progresses. Once you're done dining, head downstairs to discover the "party hard" version of Giulia with a chic club where night owls dance to deep house until the early hours of the morning.

On the menu: Delight in Italian cuisine at its finest before hitting the dance floor. Recommended: carpaccio di filetto (beef fillet, Giulia sauce, €26), linguine alle vongole (linguine, shellfish, olive oil, €38) or tagliata di tonno (medium rare tuna, sesame, green beans, balsamic, €36). End on a high note with profiterole con caramello (choux pastry with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and caramel sauce, €18).

Giulia Paris. 20 rue Quentin Bauchart, Paris 8th. 01 89 71 01 11. Tuesday to Saturday from 7 PM to 2 AM for the restaurant and from midnight to 5 AM for the club.

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