Where to find ( without budging) a cool Xmas tree?


You live on a 6th floor walk-up or in a 9m² flat? Well that’s no reason to give up the idea of a nice Xmas tree. We have found for you several great options.

For whom ? Parisiennes who live in a micro studio

My Little Sapin offers mini-spruces, yet big enough to be decorated and instagrammable, yet small enough to hold in your tiny “home sweet home”. Order it and customize it on line by choosing the size of your tree (starting at 30 cm), the colour of the pot (red, vintage pin, pearl grey) for 31,50€ all included ! The great tip for Parisiennes in a hurry.

my little sapin christmas tree

My Little Sapin, starting at 31,50€ for the small Xmas tree + delivery form the 15th to the 23rd of December 2016. More information on www.mylittlesapin.fr

For whom ? Those who dream of a XXL Christmas tree

Head for www.plantes-et-jardins.com where the ‘Nordmann’ variety (from 100 to 350 cm) is just waiting to enhance your Parisian salon—delivered in 48h on your doorstep. And for those who have needle phobia: very natural looking deluxe artificial versions, (starting at 59,95€).

‘Nordmann’ Xmas tree starting at 29,90€, delivered in Paris and nearby suburbs. More information on www.plantes-et-jardins.com

For whom ? Cool tree-huggers

Treezmas is offering Omorika or ‘living’ Nordmanns to be adopted. These are grown in France Xmas trees in pots, that will be delivered to your home and picked up in January to be replanted in the forest.

christmas tree treezmas

Treezmas, starting at 54€. Delivered in Paris and nearby suburbs. More information on www.treezmas.com

For whom ? Those who want to do a good deed

If you want to feel useful while buying your tree, head for Les Halles where the home team of Stéphane Carlier (President of the association ‘Dessine moi un sourire’) sells Xmas trees each year since 10 years, to help persons in situations of social exclusion. The funds will be used for aimed at their reinsertion.

dessine moi un sourire association

The stand of the association ‘Dessine moi un sourire (draw me a smile) is located at the foot of the Saint-Eustache church, 2 Impasse Saint-Eustache, in the 1st arrondissement of Paris.

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