Stylish €25 works of art at Sergeant Paper

Serigraph prints of international artists by Sergeant Paper

Art is not just the privilege of the Rothschild family or the great philanthropists who collect works by the thousands in a sealed safe! The Sergeant Paper collective produces works intended to be exposed … in your living room or your bedroom. Rendezvous in their brand new space of the trendy 10th for a session of arty shopping. 


An art gallery quite unlike others

Buying art like you buy decoration is the clever concept of Sergeant Paper. In order to do this, the team prints the works in its Parisian workshop: silkscreens of international artists, budding or recognized, in small series on high quality paper. Price of the crime? Between €25 and 150 for works in different sizes (from A6 to 70x100), with or without frame, along with a certificate of authentication. This is serious stuff.

Common points? Illustrators, graphists, tattoo artists… all their protégés stem from the world of graphic arts, for the rest, their styles are radically different.      A quick look? The minimalist feminine silhouettes of Johanna Olk and Agathe Sorlet, the pools sketched by Quentin Monge, considered as the new David Hockney, the alphabet primer of Arno Dufour, super pop still lives through HelloMarine, the cities drawn by Alex Asfour.

In total, the catalogue comprises 800 art prints organized by theme to make research easier: Paris, New York, kids, street-art, animals, astrology, cinema… 

And the concept-store offers many presentations in order to offer a preview of the result. At the moment, the solar and colourful universe of Léa Morichon is in the spotlight, for an exhibition on the theme of Indian summer until the 3rd of December.


Also check out ceramicist Marion Graux and the best artisans of Paris.

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Where to find it?

Sergeant Paper

26, rue du Château d'Eau

75010 Paris

01 83 89 99 55

Chatelet Chatelet

Rambuteau Rambuteau

Chatelet Chatelet

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