The best back-to-school apps

Les Meilleurs Applis De La Rentree

To adopt good resolutions in September, your smartphone will be your BFF. Small listing of the best apps for a 2.0 start that will make your life easier.

Mapstr: a book of the best addresses in the world

© 2014 Hulab SAS

For who ? The finders of good addresses in Paris and everywhere else.

It's the perfect app to save and organize your addresses: restaurants , wine bars , art galleries , brand new concept stores , latest news ... to find in 2 easy clicks. It is above all the possibility of picking right to left all the good addresses of the entire Mapstr community , including the latest finds from the best scouts in the world (Instagrammers, influencers, etc.)

The +: Find all the addresses of city-mags Little Luxuries in the Paris map of Do it in Paris, accessible from the MapStore, the new Mapstr search tool.

Free download.

For iPhone

For android

TaxyMatch: the night shuttle 2.0

© 2018 Taxymatch

For who ? Night owls looking for a safe transportation with free after the last subway.

It is the 100% French start-up, imagined by Jean Edern Rougagnou , to facilitate the journeys of Parisians . Simple and very inexpensive : all you have to do is indicate your position on the app and a shuttle picks up the customer immediately before returning them to their neighborhood for a fixed price of € 5, every night between 1:30 and 5:30 a.m. . Note: the option “ trips between women ” if you want to be more peaceful!

The + : The “ airport transfer ” option from 4.30 am to be booked in advance, with fixed prices of € 9 for Orly and € 14 for Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle.

Available from the end of September, free download.

For iPhone

GEEV: the art of handing over old things for free

© 2017 GEEV

For who ? The Parisians who move and want to get rid of their old furniture, clothes, DVD or mess of any kind without going through the trash box.

GEEV is the dreamed upcycling app to keep your good back to school resolutions: " nothing is lost, everything is transformed ". Like Vinted , we post pictures of objects that we will no longer use. If anyone is interested, he contacts us and we organize a meeting. In the other direction, it is also a great good plan to scoop up vintage furniture for free and customize it yourself.

The + : if you don't know what to do with the leftovers in your fridge before you go take it easy on vacation , GEEV takes care of it too!

Free download.

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For android

Foodvisor: the most effective back-to-school diet

© 2019 Foodvisor

For who ? Those who have abused rosé-chip aperitifs a little too much this summer.

After having tested all the diets in the world, as drastic as they are, without much conviction, it is a 2.0 diet that triumphs, supported by a healthy lifestyle throughout the year. Foodvisor is a bit like a weight loss coach who follows you everywhere. How it works ? You take a photo of your dish of the day on the app and you get all the nutritional information . It remains to annotate and add the post to your culinary diary ! You can follow your weight curve and see where you can improve, it's up to you to balance your meals!

The + : the app offers to add your sports activities to calculate the calories burned during exercise and adapt your meals according to your goals!

Free download.

For iPhone

INCI Beauty: the Yuka of beauty

© 2019 INCI Beauty

For who ? Those who are tired of subjecting their bodies to endocrine disruptors and seek in vain to decipher the list of ingredients on the packaging.

This is the app that will save your skin from disaster! Difficult to grasp the magnitude of the few names written on the back of your favorite products which are however far from innocent. From make-up to hairdressing , including housekeeping , no product escapes it. The principle is simple: you type in the name of the product or you scan the bar code to better find the complete list of ingredients with a color code to gauge the toxicity . Depending on the deal, the product gets a score out of 20 and everyone can add their opinion.

The + : information is indicated for each component and if the product is too poorly rated, the app offers alternatives !

Free download.

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