The concept that is going to replace TV series…

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You can’t decide what is your favourite series?  Well, we have good news. We have found a golden solution to make your public transportation super glam’ and spine chilling, or to enhance the Monoprix  run into a moment as enticing as the end of season for Stranger Things...

Code name of this nugget? Audible, the new Netflix… The principle? The “literary” series in your phone or tablet. Just plug your earphones on the app and enjoy the reading of a Ken Follett or La Fille du Train, the latest buzzing thriller, Careful, it’s addictive!

And there is more good news, we are offering you the first book. To test this offer for free, click on !

Just choose from the online Library here... Fan de Downton Abbey and The Crown ? Rush to pick up the addictive “Marie Stuart” by Stefan Zweig, the portrait of an off the wall English queen. Go for the entire set of Game of Thrones by Georges Martin that inspired the cult series… Or cry and dream in front of the latest David Foenkinos or a bewitching Douglas Kennedy.

We adore : upgrading our trivia knowledge and be the glam’ and brainy Parisienne you would adore being... Reading the Goncourt prizes, being mesmerized by the par Le livre des Baltimore, the best-seller of Joël Dicker and impress your entourage with sexy references of sulphurous writers such as Truman Capote.

9,95€ per month and the possibility of buying single books.

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