Where to find the best baguettes in Paris?

Baguettes Paris

Attention bread enthusiasts searching for the perfect baguette in their neighborhood... and loyal fans of traditional bread who can't resist taking a bite of the crust as soon as they step into the bakery.


The Grand Prix for the best baguette in Paris

Ta-da! The Grand Prix for the best baguette in Paris, a major event in French bread culture, took place on Wednesday, May 10th, on the parvis of Notre-Dame-de-Paris.

In practice, a jury of 15 people, including Fabrice Desvigne, the head chef of the Élysée Palace, and Thierry Marx, gathered to taste and select the best baguettes in Paris. It was a task requiring great precision and with significant stakes: the winner not only gains a line of new customers, curious and eager to indulge, but also earns the right to become the official supplier to the Élysée Palace for one year!

In total, over 175 artisan baguettes were examined and tested, based on five equally important criteria: appearance and baking, quality of the crumb, aroma, and taste.


The top 10 bakeries to buy your baguette

After what one can only imagine was four hours of intense deliberation, we finally have the list of the top 10 best baguettes in Paris:

  1. Tharshan SELVARAJAH, Au levain des Pyrénées, 44 rue des pyrénées, Paris 20e, 09 51 39 90 04
  2. Thierry GUYOT, Boulangerie Pâtisserie Guyot, 28 rue Monge, Paris 5e, 01 42 03 64 60
  3. Jocelyn LOHEZIC, chez Maison Lohézic, 143 rue de Courcelles, Paris 17e, 01 47 63 66 83
  4. Benjamin TURQUIER, Tout autour du pain, 134 rue de Turenne, Paris 3e, 01 42 78 04 72
  5. Florian BLEAS, Aux délices de Vaugirard, 48 rue Madame, Paris 6e
  6. Franck TOMBAREL, Le Grenier de Félix, 64 avenue Félix Faure, Paris 10e, 01 45 54 57 48
  7. Kilani OUNISSI, Boulangerie Ounissi, 191 faubourg Saint-Antoine, Paris 11e, 01 43 72 72 10
  8. Maxime JULIEN , Les Saveurs de Lévis, 41 rue de Lévis, Paris 17e, 01 47 63 05 05
  9. Mohkam KAROUI, Le Temps d'une Gourmandise, 94 boulevard de Port Royal, Paris 5e, 01 43 54 54 20
  10. Kouni ELAYEB, Le Délice de Bagnolet, 42 boulevard Mortier, Paris 20e

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